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Malbec World Day lands on the 17th of April every year to celebrate the great Argentine wine, Malbec. Malbec’s origin can be traced back to South West France and its journey to Argentina began in the mid-19th century when it was first transported to Argentina by Michel Aimé Pouget, a French agronomist, who was tasked by Argentinian President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento as a way to transform the national wine industry. Malbec flourished in Argentina, especially in the dry, high altitudes of Mendoza. To this day, the best Malbec in the world comes from Mendoza and Malbec is currently Argentina’s most popular grape variety.

Malbec World Day events are held all over the world on the 17th of April, and particularly in Mendoza, one of the Great Wine Capitals. Several cultural celebrations and events will take place all over the city of Mendoza to celebrate Malbec as the iconic variety that has boosted Argentina’s wine industry. Why not pick one of our Malbecs and join in the celebrations this year?



Toro Fuerte Malbec red wine is produced in Mendoza, Argentina. Inky red with lush flavours of ripe, juicy berries and purple fruits. Bold and earthy with notes of herbs, liquorice and purple floral notes. This medium-bodied wine is a juicy and delicious wine with soft tannins. Pair this Malbec with steak, lamb and beetroot salad.





Pablo Cortez Malbec is a vibrant red wine accompanied with violet tones. Blue and blackberry fruit dominate the nose with blackberry, plum marmalade, cherries and apple crumble on the palate. This is an intense-bodied wine with sweet and round tannins, with a persistent finish. This is a well-balanced and juicy wine and would pair perfectly with a burger, lasagne or other red meat or beef-based dishes.







Finca Clasica Shiraz Malbec is a blend of two grape varieties. The fruit is sourced from selected growing areas within Mendoza, Argentina and carefully combined to produce a wine that is medium bodied in style and yet retains many of the characteristics of these two grape varieties. This wine has a pleasant red colour which is a lot less opaque than normal single varietal Malbec’s. The addition of the Shiraz gives the wine a wonderful softness and a different fruit complexity. This is a medium-bodied Malbec with juicy with notes of ripe plums and soft, red berry fruits. The palate is smooth and silky and will pair well with a variety of red meats.



What’s Coming Up


Although Chinese New Year often steals the limelight, Thai New Year (Songkran) is starting to make its way West as we embrace Asian culture and cuisine more and more.

Songkran is a Buddhist festival and the most important public holiday in Thailand.  Although steeped in traditions which include leaving small bags of sand at the local temple, the festival now plays host to what can only be described as a huge country-wide 3 day water fight in which children with water guns roam the streets looking for potential targets.

Thai New Year is a chance for families to get together and celebrate with plenty of food and drink, and one of the many traditional dishes eaten during Songkran is Kow Neuw Moon – a delicacy of sticky and sweet coconut milk rice served with fresh mango.

In order to celebrate the Thai New Year, we have created a delicious spin on the Kow Neuw Moon with our version of Sticky Coconut Rice and Mango using our round grain rice and coconut milk – which being 17% fat makes the dessert that little bit richer than other brands of coconut milk.

Click HERE to view the full Country Range Sticky Coconut Rice and Mango recipe.
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Mid-April also brings us Vaisakhi or the Sikh New Year. Valsakhi (or Balsakhi) signifies the birth of the Khalsa way of living in the Sikh religion and signifies the spring harvest festival for Sikhs.   It is celebrated on either the 13th or 14th April every year.

Food is often a focal point of Valsakhi as it’s the time where people gather together to celebrate the new crops over a plethora of festive foods.

An extremely popular dish and one which is mass consumed over the festive period is the humble Aloo Gobi, a hearty mix of potato and cauliflower in a beautiful blend of chilli and spices.  Aloo Gobi is so popular it’s actually the most widely consumed vegetable curry dish in the world!

We’ve created a fantastic recipe for Aloo Gobi that can be easily created using plenty of Country Range products including Garam Masala, Cumin Seeds, Ground Coriander, Peeled Plum Tomatoes and Tomato Paste.

Our Aloo Gobi recipe is the perfect way to show the quality of our revamped Country Range Herbs and Spices, so be sure to inspire your chefs with our simple recipe inspirations in time for Valsakhi.

Click HERE to view the full Country Range Aloo Gobi recipe.
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Next month, we are launching our NEW Country Range Spring / Summer Desserts and thought we’d give you a sneak peek of our 4 stunning new desserts to whet your appetite.

All have received excellent feedback through development so we are really excited about the upcoming launch!  Please place a pre-order via and we can confirm initial arrival.

1. Premium Carrot Cake Roulade (pre-cut) 2 x 10ptn (2.1kg)






2. Premium Choc Chip Cookie Stack (pre-cut) 1 x 16tn (1.9kg)






3. Premium Orange & Mascarpone Torte (pre-cut) 1 x 14ptn (1.35kg)







4. Premium Summer Fruit & Elderflower Gateau (pre-cut) 1x14ptn (1.7kg)



With decades of experience in our team, our buyers are constantly evolving our extensive collection of quality products to suit ever business sector and budget.

As we enter in to the second quarter of 2018, time to look back on Q1 and the hundreds of new products that have been added to our portfolio across categories, beginning today with the Food products.

Have a browse over some of the recent additions and for more information or pricing please contact your local Territory Sales Manager.  


Code Description              Unit   
0002 – Bouillons                  
31522 Major Basic Veg Bouillon 1x2kg  
0006 – Tubbed Herbs & Spices    
14923 Dried Coriander Leaves   1x500g 
60956 Funnybones Achiote Paste         1x1Kg  
77191 Country Range Onion Powder             1x520g 
0014 – Cooking Oils & Fats      
29025 Blended Olive Oil        3x5ltr 
76996 Extra Virgin Olive Oil   1x5ltr 
0024 – UHT Milk & Cream Product  
56144 Bonsoy Soya Milk         6x1lt  
0028 – Italian Sauces           
29157 Artichoke Condiment      1x1kg  
47344 Aubergines Condiment     1x1kg  
69305 Green Pesto Alla Genovese 1x1kg  
65673 Green Pesto Vegetarian & Nut Free 1x1kg  
28198 Grilled Pepper Sauce     1x1kg  
16673 Porcini Mushrooms Condiment 1x1kg  
34238 Sundried Tomato Sauce    1x1kg  
0038 – UHT & Other Sauces       
70645 Rich Sauces Pepper Sauce 1×2.5ltr
46338 Rich Sauces Tikka Masala 1×2.5ltr
0040 – Oriental Sauces          
54638 Ramen Soup Soy Sauce Base 1x2kg  
0056 – Burger Sauces            
62684 Blue Cheese Dressing     1×2.27lt
0064 – Mexican Dry Products     
61877 Alfees Louisiana Buffalo Wing Sauce 1×2.5lt
0065 – Funnybones Ambient Range  
58252 Funnybones Red Mexican Salsa     1×2.8kg
85111 Funnybones Salsa Verde           1×2.8kg
46321 Funnybones Taco Boat             1x12x6pyn
0066 – Relish, Chutney & Pickle  
76021 Country Range Silverskin Onions        1×2.27kg
0070 – Vinegars                   
29378 Balsmico Vinegar         4x5ltr 
0092 – Canned Vegetables        
34295 Grilled Antichockes      6×1.85kg
41098 Grilled Aubergines       6×1.85kg
30356 Grilled Cougerttes       6×1.85kg
74394 Grilled Yel&Red Peppers  6×1.85kg
77820 Mushroom Misto Bosco     6×1.85kg
44554 San Marzano DOP          1×2.55kg
0108 – Bulk Pack Cereals        
22669 Morning Flake Honey, Raisin & Almond Granola    1x1kg  
82408 Shreddies                10x415g
0110 – Coffee Accompaniments    
87951 Green & Blacks Milk Choc   30x30gm
42609 Pink Milk Chocolate Heart 1x1kg  
0116 – Tea/Speciality Tea       
59545 Citrus Ginger Twist Envolope 4×20   
41239 Full English Envo Pyramid 4×15    
33153 Jasmine Petal&Perls Envo 4×20   
20287 Mighty Assam Evo Pyramids 4×15   
71044 Simply Sencha Green Envo Pyra 4×20   
84980 Super Fruity Envo Pyramid 4×15   
57159 The Earl Envo Pyramids   4×20   
22570 Throughly Minted Envo Pyramids 4×15   
0126 – Flour                      
41908 Multiseed Flour          1x25kg 
0138 – Dessert Lines            
71635 Askeys Std Waffle Cone   1×240  
62617 Carousel Medium Cone     1×420  
0140 – Breadsticks                
35914 Breadsticks with Extra Olive Oil 12x125g
0150 – Sweet Biscuits           
71532 Borders Mini Pack Biscuit 2×100  
0152 – Crisps, Nuts & Popcorn  
25764 KP Dry Roast Peanuts     21x50g 
17348 KP Salted Peanuts        21x50g 
0156 – Confectionary            
12958 Aero Peppermint Bubbly M 1×24   
35057 Kinder Bueno             1×30   
34256 Kit Kat Chunky           1×24   
75631 Kit Kat Four Finger      1×24   
86115 Reeces Pieces            1×24   
0166 – Other Bar Snacks         
60250 Fiery Chilli Crackers    1×1.2kg
35221 Pretzel Mix              1x500g 
42173 Siena Rosemary &ChilliNut 1×1.5kg
77134 Spiced Peanuts           1×2.5kg
19879 Wasabi Peas              1x750g 
0168 – Kids Miscellaneous       
14373 Mini Cheese Crackers     1x100x20
34046 Mini Gingerbread Men     1x100x25
24311 Organix Apple Rice Cakes 1x24x28g
86749 Organix Carrot Sticks    1x24x20g
17964 R/Berry&Apple Moos       1x20x12g
23685 Raisins Mini Boxes       60x10x84
0304 – Baguettes & Petit Pain   
23153 White Half Baguette Part Baked       1×40   
0308 – Croissants & Pastries    
69345 Croissant Fine Butter Unbaked 1x50x90g
37660 Pain Au Chocolat 75g     1×70   
51176 Pain Aux Raisins 110G    1×60   
0312 – Bread Rolls                
16170 Saltire Patisserie Morning Rolls 1×48   
0316 – Ethnic & Garlic Breads   
24722 Alexakis 17cm Pitta Flatbread 1×120  
0318 – Pizza Dough Balls        
19419 Sourdough Pizza Balls 210g 80x210g
0346 – Chicken – Breast/Halves  
72183 Slow Cooked Chicken Breast 30x170g
0358 – Frozen Sliced Meats      
46402 Pepperoni Pizza Topping  1x1kg  
0366 – Haddock                    
59620 Skinless & Boneless Pollock 110-140g 1×30   
0389 – Funnybones Frozen Range  
44876 Funnybones 3Joint Raw Chicken Wings 1×12.2kg
49108 Funnybones Barbacco Beef         1x5x1kg
17316 Funnybones Cajun Shroomies       1x5x1kg
85025 Funnybones Churros with Cocoa Cream 1×1.4kg
65388 Funnybones Green Jalapeno Poppers 1x1Kg  
56286 Funnybones Kuru Charcoal Prawns  1x800g 
54833 Funnybones Pulled Chipotle Chicken 1x6x300g
70065 Funnybones Tostones              1x20x500
0412 – Vegetarian Buffet        
74976 Falafel Balls             1x50x25G
0414 – Meat Buffet              
16259 Roast Chicken Drumstick  1×30   
0422 – Pastry Cases             
27634 Hug Round Butter Tartlet 1×144  
0456 – Tarts                      
39516 Country Range Summer Fruit & Elderflower Gateau 1x14ptn
0460 – Cakes                      
10056 Sidoli Hand Palleted Lemon Meringue Pie 1x12ptn
68973 Sidoli Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake  1x14ptn
68324 Sidoli Pineapple Cake           1x12ptn
0512 – Butter & Non Butter       
44162 Lupetta N’Duja Spice Spreadable 6x1kg  
0516 – Fresh Milk & Cream       
18631 Fresh Semi-Skimmed Milk  12x250ml
0524 – Deli Products            
18295 Gomo Green Pesto Genovese 1x950g 



The April 2018 issue of Stir it up magazine from Country Range, and the accompanying promotions brochure, marks the first of three Food Solution Issues for 2018.

This is where we create a full food solution around a key trend focus, aligning both the Category Focus and the Melting Pot features of the magazine with the content of the Promotions brochure and other activity.

The theme of this April issue is Sharing Concepts!

From the dawn of time and wherever you are in the world, sharing a meal is something that brings us together. In a generation where we communicate so much with each other digitally via the multiple social platforms, where does it leave us with a sense of physical community and ensuring we still share true experiences and time with our family and friends?

For caterers, this creates a need to celebrate the occasion of food within their different establishment types and across sectors by creating an authentic dining experience and understanding the varying generations of their customers and their behaviours to understand how best to market their offer and keep them happy when they do visit.

The different formats in which menus and dishes can be served can heighten the whole dining experience for the customer – the perfect way for caterers to highlight the social occasion can be by adding sharing dishes, boards and even tasting menus to their offering.


The removal of responsibility
Sharing concepts such as tapas style plates or sharing boards relieves the decision-making pressure consumers can feel when eating out of home. It also means they have the chance to try a variety of different options that a caterer has to offer all within the one meal. It is much more of a social experience and as long as you don’t share the mantra of Joey from Friends’ or Smithy from Gavin & Stacey on sharing food then you are in for a treat!

Value Perception
A consumer will often spend more per head when purchasing a sharing board or tapas style plates for a meal occasion but as they are trying more of the establishments offering within the one sitting they have the perception that they have gained great value than selecting one dish from the menu. Also, there is an illusion that they have spent less as they were able to ‘split the bill’, although they may well have still spent more than they would have on a single main dish.

Flexibility for Caterers
If the cost price of a particular product suddenly rises, a benefit of having sharing concepts on a menu gives caterers the flexibility to add or remove individual items without completely reworking a dish or their menu.

Flexibility for the customer
The increased demand for consumers to be able to customise or personalise their dishes also lends itself very well to the sharing concept dishes, whether that be swapping items on and off a sharing board, or building up a ‘meal’ using different sharing plates. Caterers can have fixed options for their sharing boards on the menu followed by a list of items that customers can chose to replace certain items with – or just to add to the sharing board, meaning a further spend and increased profits!

Sharing across social platforms
Social media is central to most people’s day-to-day lives, and is a key influencer in our decision-making process. It has revolutionised the eating out market and forced a major shift in how dishes are presented. Food is a major social occasion for consumers, which diners want to tweet about and share photos of their eating out experience. Sharing platters, plates and boards are always a huge hit on social media which gives catering establishments even more opportunity to get the message out about their amazing offering.

– As long tables and eating at the bar become standard, it’s clear that communal dining is here to stay. It’s not just about the space consumers are eating in, it’s about what we’re eating and in which formats. More curious, experience and with less patience than their predecessors, Millenials (and Gen Z) want to try a bit of everything and they get bored quickly so sharing concepts are a perfect addition to menus to attract the younger generations. 71% of Millenials say they loved to attend food-focused events and the bar is continually being raised so a sharing board celebrating a key food occasion or to the overall theme of the establishment itself with quirky presentation boards, dishes or even unusual food items within the board itself would work really well.

– Gen Zers are found to be more focused on experiences than on traditional material items which ticks a box when they can visit an establishment and truly share a food experience with their family and friends. They also support meaningful companies and their values just as much as they do people, and they prefer to spend their money in support of those things whenever possible. Key points to attract Gen Zers are strongly highlighting locally sourced produce within menus, shouting about ethical values an establishment has from packaging and food waste to purchasing sustainable produce. Perhaps even add a completely plant-based sharing concept to the menu!

– Gen Xers are typically the head of the family – caterers can utilise sharing concepts to appeal to this generation who want to bring their families together to share a social occasion. With regards to flavours they still enjoy comfort food but they also like a bit of adventure so keep a traditional offering on the menu, as well as a tantalising global cuisine option.

– Baby Boomers Research released by Barclays shows that the over 65s contribute over a third (36%) more to the UK economy through spending in the Hospitality & Leisure sector than the average consumer and 27% higher than the 35-54 year olds, who are the second biggest spending generation. This generation is also the most loyal customer type and therefore provide an even bigger and consistent profit opportunity.


HOSPITALITY SECTOR (Cafes, Pubs & Hotels)
– New to Food
If a pub or café is introducing food as an offering, sharing boards can be a great way to offer a limited menu that is appealing to a large customer base who are looking to eat out as a social occasion. Also, the individual items within a board can be built around frozen products that are simple and easy to produce.

– Day-part blurring
The huge success of afternoon teas is a fantastic example of where an eating out occasion can be brought to life by utilising sharing concepts to create a brand new occasion for consumers to eat out outside of the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner day parts. Another more recent example is the ‘Bottomless Brunch’ offering which became the new ‘in’ dining concept throughout 2017 and is still growing in popularity across establishments in 2018.

– Accomodating
A recent report found that 33% of respondents said they are looking to Air BNB offerings more and more because they are looking for an authentic experience. Hotels could really update their offering and make themselves stand out by introducing sharing concepts that show off they key USPs of the establishment. This not only helps them tap into a brand new dining occasion but gets more footfall within the restaurant element of their business. It may also encourage a consumer to book a stay at the establishment.

– Connecting with families
Residents don’t often have the opportunity to sit down and eat a meal with their families and friends in the way they used to before needing additional support with their everyday care. Care homes could really take the sharing inspiration with some careful planning and put together and event day where they really bring families together again. Visitors and residents could share the same foods, but if needs be some of the items could be swapped to better suit the nutritional needs of the residents. Another option would be to put together a dysphagia version of a sharing platter to be enjoyed alongside their family enjoying the same flavours.

– Memories
Themed days where all residents enjoy the same cuisine could be built around memories and experiences of the residents to encourage them to talk about their lives and get involved with the social activities within the care home.

– A new Generation
As the Baby Boomer generation, who have travelled widely, start to reach an age where they may require residential care, how should menus be adapted to reflect their tastes? We’re getting to the point where residents’ tastes will have been influenced by travel and the global cuisines they may have encountered in home cooking.

– Higher Education & Universities
Keeping spending students on site is the key so education caterers need to look to what is popular with their student consumers out on the high street.

– As detailed in the TUCO 2017 Global Food Trends Report, it’s not just online that Gen Z and Millenial consumers like to share – tapas, sharing platters and bites are becoming the norm across casual establishments. This also reflects the preference for eating little and often and whenever, versus three square meals. As flexibility and having the ability to customise offerings suits their own choices, the flexibility of sharing options within menus will appeal to students.

– Gen Z have a higher percentage of shared meals than any other generation (June 2016, NPD Group)

Each of the solutions we have created have been built using the below categories.


– Ways to Upsell
Caters can have fixed options for their sharing boards on the menu, followed by a list of items t hat customers can chose to replace certain items with – or just to add to the sharing board, meaning a further spend and increased profits! For example, a caterer could add a really popular item as an add-on as they know the customer is still likely to wish to add it their meal and therefore increase their spend.

The Sharing Boards Solutions
1. A Taste of the Med
2. Under The Sea

3. Global Fusion
4. Classic/Traditional

All the relevant recipes for the sharing boards and the individual dishes/products are live and available at, so you will be able to see exactly what Country Range brand and other branded products have been utilised to create each concept. Any recipes that were made up of just Country Range brand products will also be available on the Country Range brand website at

*Research taken from various JWT news updates and reports, the TUCO 2017 Global Food Trends Report, Barclays Tourism Report 2017, NPD Group Consumer Trends reports.


Thanks for your interest.  Applications are now closed for this role.
Due to the volume of applications received, we will not be able to provide feedback to everyone but successful applicants will be contacted.
Please keep an eye out for more job opportunities arising as we continue to grow.

Foodservice Price Inflation Dips to 2.5% in January

Foodservice Price Inflation Falls

The latest CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index has revealed that Foodservice price inflation fell to 2.5% in January.

The new figure is a drop from the 5.1% level recorded in December and is the lowest point reached by the index since early in 2017.

Summary of findings
– The fall is partly the result of seasonal trends driven by the supply and demand of key items
– It may also be an indication of an easing of the inflationary pressures from recent years.
– The figure pulls Foodservice inflation broadly in line with the wider level measured by the Consumer Price Index
– Relaxation of inflation in key categories including bread and cereals, dairy and eggs and fish
– Whilst troughs in inflation are expected early in any year, they are sharper than usual this year, indicating some price correction in the aftermath of the EU referendum and the resultant weakening of the pound.

The report also outline a number of challenges which lie in wait for Foodservice in 2018 and beyond:
– The impact of Brexit on the availability of migrant labour, on which vegetable, fruit and fish and meat-processing industries have depended in recent years.
– Further uncertainty over oil prices, trade tariffs and supply from the UK meat industry
– The impact of the sugar tax
– The impact of the recent cold weather

Overall Verdict
If the index continues downwards the FPI could reach levels comparable to 2016 but price fluctuations and continued uncertainty about the economic future of the UK will exacerbate volatility.

The CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index is jointly produced by Prestige Purchasing and CGA using data drawn from over 50% of the foodservice market and about 7.8 million transactions per month.


Team up with Scotland’s largest independent dispense providers TODAY!

We’ve been leading the way in Scottish soft drinks for over 140 years – ever since Joseph Dunn started producing his lemonade.

In making the switch to Dunns Dispense today, you’ll be able to reap lots of benefits:

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“Each flavour within the Dunns range is more than a match for the major brand names in terms of quality and they also offer greater profitability. The service team conduct regular maintenance to make sure the equiment is faultless and on the rare occasions something is needed they are quick to assist us.”

– Verdict from the owner of various successful Ayrshire bar, restaurant and hotel venues

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Dunns acquire Hotsauce Drinks

Dunns Food and Drinks are delighted to announce the purchase of premium spirits wholesaler Hot Sauce Drinks into their portfolio.

They say the perfect cocktail relies on both freshness and balance. Dunns Food and Drinks are extending this philosophy to their portfolio of products with the acquisition of premium spirit purveyors Hot Sauce Drinks.

After a momentous year in terms of growth in 2017, Scottish food and drink wholesaler Dunns are eager to innovate and shake up their offering and buying Hot Sauce will do just that. Under this move, Dunns customers will have access to an unparalleled range of premium spirits and cocktail accoutrements while previous Hot Sauce customers can look forward to the amazing quality of service from Dunns, from the 5th March.

Jim Rowan, Managing Director of Dunns said, “ It’s a really exciting time to be a part of the Dunns team. This acquisition is bold but we like that: it says to our customers that we’re constantly trying to keep at the forefront with regards to consumer trends”.

What spurred such a move? “We take a keen interest in what our customers are doing and we’ve been fascinated by their inventive nature with regards to cocktails in recent times,” remarked Rowan. “It’s a market which we believe will only continue to bloom and having access to such a vast array of premium spirits only encourages our customers to continue creating”.


It’s nearly time for Mother’s Day – the annual date devoted to mums all over the world! Mother’s Day is arguably the biggest Sunday of the year for the hospitality industry. It isn’t all about family meals in. It provides a brilliant opportunity for the on-trade to benefit from this event, with the rise of restaurant bookings, dinner packages and sparkling afternoon teas!

With this in mind, make sure that your Mother’s Day wine offerings attract more bookings and ensure that mums are treated to a glass of their favourite wine on their special day! Furthermore, there is no better way to celebrate together than with a bottle of wine from Dunns. Take advantage of our Mother’s Day promotions and you could offer a free glass of wine for mums as a way to increase bookings! At Dunns, we have a wide range of wines from entry-level to premium. Here are the top 5 wines we have picked in honour of Mother’s Day!

One4One Mini Prosecco

With the popularity for quarter bottles of wine and a rise in the number of customers who keep an eye on the number of units they consume, we have chosen our exclusive One4One Mini Prosecco as one of our top 5 picks! It is characterised by a pale yellow colour, accompanied with a delicate nose reminiscent of peach and green apple with secondary notes of acacia and lilac. Fresh and light on the palate and with a balanced acidity, this light-bodied wine will pair well with seafood. Our One4One range all comes in a 24x187ml case. Great quality at a competitive price, perfect for offering your customers Prosecco in a smaller size bottle.

Pink Orchid Zinfandel Rose

This rose wine is delicate pink in colour, flavourful and off-dry. It is accompanied with aromas and flavours of baked summer pudding, lychees, exotic fruit and tutti frutti. With a medium sweet finish, this rose would pair perfectly with spicy food, prawn pilaf or Moroccan chicken.

Nua Rose Sparkling

Next up is our Nua Rose Sparkling wine, from our top selling and exclusive Nua range. Nua is one of the greatest Prosecco producers in Italy. This sparkling wine is lightly aromatic with notes of melon, pear and sweet cranberry on the nose and palate. This is a very refreshing Spumante Rose with well-balanced acidity and bubbles. Enjoy on its own or with dim sum. At 11 per cent ABV, this is the perfect wine to start off your Mother’s Day meal!

Moet & Chandon NV Brut Champagne

Moët & Chandon is the world’s best known and biggest selling champagne brand and it is no surprise that is one of our top sellers. This champagne is the perfect balance of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier Chardonnay – accompanied by elegant colour and vibrant intensity of green apple and citrus fruit. A seductive palate and elegant maturity, consume with sushi, scallops, oysters, white fish and white meats. Available in a 75cl bottle and in magnums.

Laurent Perrier Rose

Created in 1968 from the boldness and know-how of the House of Laurent-Perrier, perfected at each stage of production, and resplendent with a stunning exterior, this rose is renowned for its consistency, quality and remarkable flavour. Full of ripe red fruit aromas, high intensity and great freshness it’s perfect for pairing with fish, prawns, parma ham and red fruit desserts. The more adventurous may like to match it with Asian or Indian cuisine.

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