Environmental Policy

Wholesale Food Suppliers Scotland: Environmental Policy

We at Dunns Food & Drinks Ltd believe that it’s up to individual businesses to be responsible for achieving good Environmental practices and to operate in a sustainable manner.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, so much so, that an integral part of our Business Strategy is to continue to make improvements in this area.

Where we can, we encourage our Employees, Suppliers, Customers and all Business associates to do the same. This is not just about sustaining our personal business, but we also see it as our moral duty that we should endeavour to deliver in this area, so as to protect future generations.

Our Policy:

• Support and comply with requirements of current Environmental Legislation and Codes of Practice.
• Minimise Energy and Water usage in the workplace including vehicles and processes in order to conserve supplies, and minimise our consumption of natural resources, especially where they are non-renewable.
• Reduce our Waste and then reuse or recycle as much as possible.
• Pay particular regard towards the maintenance of company vehicles, encouraging the reasonable and practical use of alternative means of transportation e.g. car sharing or public transport.
• Reduce any negative impact our operations may have on the Environment especially within the local community
• Encourage the purchase of products and services that do the least damage to the environment and encourage employees to do the same.
• Assess any related environmental impact before we introduce any new process or product.

For any issue related to Environmental Policy linked to Dunns Food & Drinks please contact:

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