In recent days, you have probably seen reports in the national media of a significant shortage of Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2) which is affecting Northern Europe.

This has arisen following the closure of several production sites in Europe and has impacted the supply to some large UK food and drink manufacturers – supply has been prioritised to other requirements such as hospitals and nuclear power.

For some suppliers, who are self-sufficient for CO2, production is unaffected but for others the shortage is already causing issues and may continue to do so as alternative sources from outside Europe are sought. These problems could be exacerbated by the stock requirements of summer demand in a World Cup year.

This is a live and challenging situation for the industry that is continuing to develop at pace. It is still too early to say in full how it will impact the availability of individual products but our Buyers are closely monitoring the availability of individual products, and we will continue to keep you updated as the situation develops.

Currently, Heineken UK have had some disruption to their production and issues are anticipated with Strongbow as well as some beers – currently, Tiger 330ml and Newcastle Brown Ale are the only that may experience problems with stock but we hold quantities of both at the time of writing.

Soft drinks manufacturers are also finding issues. Britvic is the largest so far and shortages may be found on some of their Pepsi NRB and PET range as existing stocks move. They are not alone, with possible issues ahead on Coca-Cola products.

Food could also be impacted, we are keeping an eye on chicken in particular as CO2 is used both to stun the birds and also in the packaging process.

If you have any queries or questions, our account managers and telesales staff are on hand to help and if difficulties arise in sourcing particular products then please contact your Territory Sales Manager who will be able to suggest alternative or substitute products.

Please be aware that the problems may affect the availability of CO2/mixed gas cylinders within the industry, please contact your gas supplier to manage supply during this period.

More information on the situation will be communicated as it develops.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

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