Coeliac Awareness Week is a great chance for you to raise awareness of coeliac disease by showcasing your very own range of gluten-free menu options. The demand for gluten-free products is constantly increasing and the market for these products is constantly evolving. Gluten-free products are becoming essential on food menus, so now is the time to invest in alternatives to your customer’s favourite gluten products.

Below is a list of some of our gluten-free products.

Product Code
Gluten Free Penne 15218
Gluten Free Quaker Rolled Oats 19571
Gluten Free Pizza Flour 34323
Gluten Free Plain Flour 41798
Gluten Free S/r Flour 50198
Gluten Free Baking Powder 39590
Gluten Free Sultana Scone 14996
Gluten Free Brioche Style Hot Dog Roll 68594
Gluten Free Brioche Style Burger Bun 69528
Gluten Free White Sliced Bread 1559
Gluten Free Pizza Base 10” 38055
Gluten Free Pizza Base 12” 6792
Funnybones Gluten Free Brownie 20458
Gluten Free NY Cheesecake 4630
Almondy Toblerone Tarta 7945
Gluten Free Brownie 1698
Chocolate Coronet Pavlova 36319
Gluten Free Carrot Cake 6685
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake 6433
Mongozo Gluten Free Pilsner 80922
Nastro  Peroni Gluten Free 71817
Bellfield Lawless IPA 12927
Bellfield Pilsner 67716
GF Trio of Arancini 52967
GF Vegan Penang Curry 12536
C2Go GF Caramel Heaven 6459
C2Go GF Caramel Shortcake 3585
C2Go GF Chocolate Brownie 2519
C2Go Raspberry & Almond Slice 3366
Brewdog Vagabond 48273


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