Country Range Bar Marked Panini Delisting

Please note, due the closure of the production site that manufactures our Country Range Bar Marked Paninis and being unable to find a new supplier who can create a product that matches or betters the existing product, the product is unfortunately being delisted across the group.

If you are looking for an alternative Country Range product we can suggest the Stone Baked Ciabatta product, which is not dissimilar although not bar marked.

We also currently list two other panini specific alternatives:

42136 – White Grill Marked Panini
An Italian-style white hinge sliced baguette, enriched with extra virgin olive oil, with grill marks applied to the top surface for the 'just-grilled' look. Approximately 270mm in length.



1623 – White Panini 27cm / 10.6 inch (135g) An Italian-style white baguette, enriched with extra virgin olive oil. Designed to be sliced, filled and grilled to produce a hot flat sandwich. Approximately 270mm in length. Please contact your Territory Manager for more information and pricing.




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