Free Dispense Equipment

We are leading Soft Drink Suppliers in Scotland offering tailor-made Draught Dispense Services/Bag in Box Installation

As the oldest pioneers of Draught Dispense Services in Scotland, you can be rest assured we will provide you with optimum equipment for your site and 'at no cost' to yourself.
We can send you a Technician who will survey your site, install equipment and/or disconnect existing equipment with minimum disruption to yourself and your business.

ADVANTAGES of Draught Dispense:

1 box = equivalent to 70 litres
Dash size 60ml (2floz)
Over 1000 dashes per box
profit @20p dash

Dunns Bag in Box is available in a variety of flavours and can be delivered along with your usual Food Orders.

For further information: Tel: 01698 727 749

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