Placing your Food and Drinks orders

Online Wholesale Food and Drinks Suppliers Scotland. 

Servicing your orders:

Our Telesales Team is available to service all your Food & Drinks requirements as follows;

  • Monday - Friday: 9.00AM - 10.00PM,
  • Sunday: 5.00PM - 10.00PM
  • Place your order with us up until 10pm (for food) and up until 5pm (alcohol)  the day before your agreed delivery day.
  • Outwith above hours - you can leave a message on our 24 hour answering service on 01698 727777 or via email:
  • Alternatively, we can phone to take your order at an agreed day and time, set by you, contact your local representative to arrange

When you require the more personal touch, the Territory Manager for your area will be more than happy to work with you and offer you expert advice on your food and drinks selection.

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