Wake me up, when September ends goes the song…. but why would you want to miss out when the new month has brought the launch of our NEW lip-smacking Country Range Luxury Crackers.

Country Range are the only foodservice brand to offer a Luxury Cracker range, so these are pretty unique and will also be ideal for the festive season looming ahead!

Our luxury crackers are made with the finest ingredients such as Canadian wheat and our mix of flavours and re-sealable packs provide caterers with the chance to create show stopping cheese boards with zero hassle.

Go Crackers!

Crackers paired with various cheeses is something which was first consumed by sailors in the 1800s before refrigeration existed, and has been described as one of the first fast foods in the United States.

Nowadays, it’s more commonly enjoyed at the end of a meal, either in lieu of or following a dessert.

Cheesy tips:

  • Oddly enough – it is believed that most cheeses actually go better with whites wines than reds as the creaminess found in some cheeses is drowned out by the flavour of the tannin (naturally occurring compounds that exist inside grape skins, seeds and stems) in the reds.
  • About 50g of cheese per person is enough
  • Opposites attract, which is why sweet fruit or a dessert wine goes really well with the tang of blue cheese.

With 6 flavours to choose from, our Luxury Cracker Selection has something for ever palate.

Poppy Seed and Pepper Cracker: A delicate, crisp water cracker with poppy seeds for a warm peppery flavour.

Stone Ground Cracker: Crisp, crunchy and rich flavour finished with a touch of salt.

Salt & Pepper Cracker: Light and crisp sea salt and black pepper savoury cracker.

Sea Salt Cracker: Light and crisp savoury cracker with a pinch of sea salt

Sweet Wheat Cracker: Crisp honeycomb textured wheat cracker with a subtle sweet toasted flavour.

Rosemary Cracker: Crisp and flaky with a hint of rosemary and a light sprinkle of salt.

Pack Size: 500g (2x250g)

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.  Once opened, store in an airtight container.

Arriving with us for the first time today, place an order now!  Find the product under code 11545 on our online ordering platform.


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