This month, the latest CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index revealed that foodservice price inflation fell for the third month in a row in November 2017, to 3.4%.

This was the lowest since January 2017 and for the first time showed the Index at a level below the Consumer Price Index (4%).

The drop represented some welcome respite after unprecedented inflation throughout 2017. Whilst the outlook remains uncertain, it suggests that for a time at least, some of the key inflationary pressures like currency change may have eased and that a little confidence has returned.
However, supply issues continue to impact some areas.

Through 2017, word came that the main growing areas in Europe for vegetables and potatoes were being affected from lack of rain and some severe droughts.

It can take a while for these issues to show up, but sometimes we may already be hearing of what’s going to affect us in the future.

Take last week, news programs reported on hurricane-strength winds tearing across Northern Europe. Eight people were killed in related accidents, with many of those taking place in the Netherlands.

With the Netherlands and Belgium responsible for nearly all the potatoes processed in to chips we receive, could supply be hit by storm damage?

We can only wait but the moral of the story is (without being conspiratorial!), sometimes the truth is out there!

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