It’s been an exciting October so far with the successful launch of one of the most anticipated Country Range product launches to date.

You may have already spotted them on the front page of the Stir It Up Promotions magazine with a great offer - NEW Premium Chicken Breast Fillets.

The new Fillets are skinless and boneless Class A Chicken breasts that include the inner fillet and are now available to order.
The fillets are fully calibrated to a uniform size and weight meaning that you as caterers can be confident that you will consistently receive 22-24 high quality 200-230g breasts in every tray unlike a lot of the economy products to be found on the market.

The Chicken Breast Fillets have been carefully sourced from Holland, Germany and Belgium and each individual breast is fully traceable back to the farm it was reared on meaning caterers can be confident that their chicken is the best on the market.

We’ve also opted for a product that maintains the inner fillet meaning that you even have the chance to create secondary dishes from the inner fillet such as curries, stews or skewers, whilst delivering excellent ‘centre of plate’ dishes from the main fillet.

As if that’s not enough, we are also proud to say that our chicken has no added water – so the fillet doesn’t lose up to 20% of its weight whilst cooking.

1x10kg (2x5kg trays in box)
200-230g per breast
22-24 per 5kg tray

Store at <4°C

Once opened, the product should be consumed within 24 hours.
The product may contain bones or bone fragments.

Check our social media channels for some mouth-watering recipe ideas to use the fillets in!

The Chicken Fillets are not the only new product launch at the moment – the NEW Country Range Frozen Plain Bagels are also finally here!

Available now are an 85g sliced and a 115g Unsliced Plain Bagel. Both are 95% baked and can be finished in the oven within 4 minutes creating that perfect straight from oven bagel that has seen a real renaissance.

Between the two sizes, there is a perfect solution for almost any caterer with the 85g bagels well suited to the cost sector and the 115g perfect for the profit sector.

50 x 85g or 48 x 115g

Keep frozen at -18°C

Take bagels out of the box and place on to baking trays making sure they are placed individually. Leave to thaw for approximately 40-60 minutes.
Pre-set your oven at 190°C. Place the trays in the pre-heated oven for approximately 3-4 minutes until light golden brown in colour.

Look out for more Country Range product launches coming very soon including:

Madras Plain Poppadoms: NEW Poppadoms made to a traditional recipe in the Madras region of India. ‘Ready to cook’, they can be deep-fried in less than 4 seconds!

Mini Party Pies: Weighing in at a dinky 30g, our new Mini Party Pies are available in two varietals and will ensure that Christmas buffets will never be the same again. The NEW Minced Beef & Ale Mini Party Pies use premium beef mince in a riche ale infused gravy whilst Chicken, Bacon & Leek Mini Party Pies bind chunks of each ingredient in a delicious cream sauce. Both are encases in a shortcrust case and topped with a puff pastry lid. Cook from frozen in as little as 20 minutes!

New Country Range Christmas Desserts: We have a tasty trio of new festive desserts set to go live and we hope you’ll be as excited about them as we are! Launching shortly will be our indulgent Chocolate & Orange Bar Gateau, Premium Individual Chocolate & Raspberry Snowflake and a sumptuous St Clements Orange Bell.

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