We may not have qualified (again) but here in Scotland, our love for football never disappears and the FIFA World Cup (14th June – 15th July) is the biggest event in the game of all.

The tournament also represents a great opportunity to bring in custom and drive sales at your outlet.   Why not host a World Cup party or a theme night and get in on the World Cup Fever.

Why get involved?
The World Cup is universally popular.  Whether or not you are a football fan, the tournament is a global coming together with the magic to engage people across age groups.    It’s also an intense few weeks that break with routine so it’s a great chance to bring in additional revenue – with the average sports fan spending an average £16.75 on their average pub visit during a live sports event, it’s suggested that the tournament presents an estimated £60m+ opportunity for the licensed trade. 75% of pub-goers do  watch football so it’s a great chance to engage your existing customers and attract new ones.

How to get involved?
There are lots of ways to participate in the World Cup.   You could show all the matches, or pick a country to support and broadcast their games, getting regular customers involved.  If you don’t want to show them all then you could pick the key dates, such as the opening weekend - which will also tie in with Father’s Day or the Final. You could also dress your venue with decorations to match the theme such as flags, or bunting.

What to serve?
With games scheduled to kick off across the day with timings of 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 7pm Scottish time, they have the power to alter eating habits.   You could run your normal menu all day or have an additional one to cater for the extra custom during the unconventional eating times.   With an earlier game time it’s also a good chance to expand a breakfast or brunch offering.  As the schedule will bring people together, sharing platters and concepts are also a great idea.

What to pour?
As the bulk of the matches are played through the afternoon, it may be wise to think about your soft drinks offer.  A range of premium soft drinks or non-alcoholic options will provide the perfect alternative for those adults who are driving or have to return to work.
The matches will also be popular amongst younger age groups, as well as abstainers, so having a wide selection to cater to the demand is advisable.
There’s also a great opportunity for themed drinks – whilst we might struggle with the more obscure destinations like Senegal & Panama, a drink from the majority of the countries can be found within our range. Alternatively, you could add a Russian cocktail as a nod to the host country, such as a:

50ml Smirnoff No.21 Vodka
8 lime wedges
15ml sugar syrup
Crushed ice

1. Add 7 lime wedges and the sugar syrup to the glass and muddle to extract the juice
2. Add a small scoop of ice and the vodka and mix through with a bar spoon.
3. Add more crushed ice to fill the glass, garnish with the last wedge of lime and serve.

50ml Smirnoff No.21 Vodka
150ml Ginger Beer
2 dashes Angostura Bitters (optional)
Lime Wedge
Mint Sprig

1. Add all the ingredients to the mug or glass, fill with ice and stir to mix
2. Garnish with the lime wedge and mint sprig, and serve.

Our portfolio consists of a remarkable collection of products including craft beers, wines, spirits and food items from around.  Here’s a quick example of some of the products we can provide to help you put on an offering to support a chosen participating country:

Country Drinks Products Food Products
1 Argentina Quilmes (beer)
Funnybones Chimichurri Chicken
2 Australia Choose from our Australian Wine labels like Euca Hill, Joey Brown, Mountbridge & Claymore.

We also have Australian Barrel Bitters from Down Under and a selection of beers: Little Creatures Pale Ale, Coopers Pale Ale and Coopers Sparkling Ale.

Why not dish up a pavlova for a dessert – some say it originated in Oz (although others argue New Zealand).

We can help with all the ingredients you need.

3 Brazil Brahma (beer), Amazon Bacuri (Beer), or our range of Cachacas, the famous ingredient for a Capiriniha
4 Belgium You’re sure to find something amongst our extensive Belgian beer range! Choose from Belgian Waffles, Belgian Choc Torte, or some Belgian Choc Ice Cream.

5 Colombia We don’t have an obvious option jumping out but you could pour a glass of Colombard, that’s close enough, right?!
6 Costa Rica No obvious options, sorry!
7 Croatia We’re not currently stocking them but if you fancy some beers from Croatia’s Garden Brewery then let us know.
8 Denmark Carlsberg, probably the most obvious option in the world, but we also have Aalborg Akvavit as a stand out! Easy – we have some great Danish pastry options as well as Danish cheese!
9 England An easy one also, we have English beers including Alphabet Brewing Co., as well as some great spirits options such as Boodles, Bulldog Gin, Beefeater etc. We have plenty of English foodstuffs – muffins, mustard, a delicious Trifle Cheesecake, Cornish Pasties or simply some English Breakfast Tea.
10 Egypt A very tenuous link here but why not make your teabags, “Pyramid” teabags!!

We also stock some tasty Taza Bake flatbreads, which could alternatively be used for themed dishes for some of the other qualifying countries like Tunisia and Iran.

11 France Ooh la la! We have lots of French beers, wines and liqueurs, plus a cider in Breton Bolee. Choose from items like French dressing, mustard, macaroons, baguettes, crepes, croissants, pain au choc, or cheeses such as Brie.
12 Germany We’ve got a mammoth selection of German beers and even some German wines. Serve up some German themed food such as Pretzls (or a Pretzl Burger Bun) and Bockwurst sausages.
13 Iceland Try our favourite Icelandic beer brand, Einstok
14 Iran No specific options but you could use the Taza Bake Flatbreads (see Egypt) to create a tasty bite.
15 Japan We’ve got lots of Japanese drinks options including beers like Asahi, Hitachino and Kirin Ichiban, plus spirits like Japanese Rum & Whiskey. We have ingredients like Teriyaki sauce and Panko Breadcrumbs for a Japanese theme – or alternatively we have Japanese Rice Mix for a great premium bar snack.
16 Mexico From the usual suspects like Corona to more unusual lines like Day of the Dead, Mexicali and Modelo, we have some great Mexican beer options.

We also have some really great Tequila and Mezcal options, both of which have been on-trend in recent times.

As Scottish distributors of the Funnybones range, we have an amazing range of Mexican and Tex-Mex products and ingredients.  We also have options from elsewhere like the Santa Maria brand, as well as from our own Country Range.
17 Morocco Our tubs of Moroccan Seasoning are the obvious option to add some flavour!
18 Nigeria Brand power makes Nigerian Guinness intriguing to many but Star Lager provides a second option
19 Panama
20 Peru On request, we can bring in some delicious Peruvian Piquillo Peppers as part of our Scottish distribution for Brindisa Spanish foods – let us know your requirements!
21 Poland In Lech, Zywiec, Tyskie, we have 3 tantalisingly tasty Polish beers to wet your whistle.
22 Portugal If you’ve been to Portugal then you’ll likely have tried both Superbock and Sagres and we have both right here for the Scottish market. Transport yourself to Lisbon in one bite with Pastel de Nata, the traditional Portuguese custard tarts
23 Russia Vodka, right?!  We’ve got you covered there, including Russian Standard.  We can also supply you with Baltika, the Russian beer of choice. Beetroot is on many a Russian menu – pick up some Country Range Sliced Beetroot!
24 Saudi Arabia Again, Taza Bake Flatbreads could provide a route to a Middle Eastern theme.
25 Senegal
26 Serbia
27 South Korea
28 Spain Estrella, Alhambra, Cruzcamp, Mahou and San Miguel – your Spanish beer needs are certainly well catered for or if cider is your thing then look no further than Avalon.

We also have some great Spanish wines including Coto Mayor Riojas and the Liso Veinte range.

If Spanish cuisine is your thing then make it authentic through our distribution partnership with Brindisa Spanish foods.

We have options including Smoked Paprika, Paella Rice, Peppers, Chorizos and Cheeses.   If there’s something from the wider range you need then let us know your requirements.

29 Sweden Scandinavian style has been having a moment recently and we have some cool options OP Anderson Akvavit, as well as your key beer and cider option like Pistonhead, Iduns, Rekorderlig. and Kopparberg.
30 Switzerland How about some Swiss cheese like Emmental or Gruyere?  Or if breakfast is your thing then we have muesli plus the Alpen brand.
31 Tunisia Flatbreads feature in Tunisian cuisine too so those loveable Taza Bake flatbreads could be adapted again!
32 Uruguay Uruguay is perhaps less associated than some of the ‘bigger name’ South American nations, but Chimichurri is also traditional there so Funnybones Chimichurri Chicken could get a call-up here too!


Not sure when it’s all happening?  Click here for all the dates and times you need.

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