Malbec World Day lands on the 17th of April every year to celebrate the great Argentine wine, Malbec. Malbec’s origin can be traced back to South West France and its journey to Argentina began in the mid-19th century when it was first transported to Argentina by Michel Aimé Pouget, a French agronomist, who was tasked by Argentinian President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento as a way to transform the national wine industry. Malbec flourished in Argentina, especially in the dry, high altitudes of Mendoza. To this day, the best Malbec in the world comes from Mendoza and Malbec is currently Argentina’s most popular grape variety.

Malbec World Day events are held all over the world on the 17th of April, and particularly in Mendoza, one of the Great Wine Capitals. Several cultural celebrations and events will take place all over the city of Mendoza to celebrate Malbec as the iconic variety that has boosted Argentina’s wine industry. Why not pick one of our Malbecs and join in the celebrations this year?



Toro Fuerte Malbec red wine is produced in Mendoza, Argentina. Inky red with lush flavours of ripe, juicy berries and purple fruits. Bold and earthy with notes of herbs, liquorice and purple floral notes. This medium-bodied wine is a juicy and delicious wine with soft tannins. Pair this Malbec with steak, lamb and beetroot salad.





Pablo Cortez Malbec is a vibrant red wine accompanied with violet tones. Blue and blackberry fruit dominate the nose with blackberry, plum marmalade, cherries and apple crumble on the palate. This is an intense-bodied wine with sweet and round tannins, with a persistent finish. This is a well-balanced and juicy wine and would pair perfectly with a burger, lasagne or other red meat or beef-based dishes.







Finca Clasica Shiraz Malbec is a blend of two grape varieties. The fruit is sourced from selected growing areas within Mendoza, Argentina and carefully combined to produce a wine that is medium bodied in style and yet retains many of the characteristics of these two grape varieties. This wine has a pleasant red colour which is a lot less opaque than normal single varietal Malbec's. The addition of the Shiraz gives the wine a wonderful softness and a different fruit complexity. This is a medium-bodied Malbec with juicy with notes of ripe plums and soft, red berry fruits. The palate is smooth and silky and will pair well with a variety of red meats.


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