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Telesales - Meet Irene

My name is Irene and I have been a member of staff at Dunns Food & Drink for years!

My first job was in a paint shop when I was 15; I did a variety of jobs there such as cleaning, wages and serving in the shop. 

My telesales experience in the foodservice industry began with Deep Freeze Supplies in 1997. I worked there for 9 years before it was bought over by Woodwards.

My journey at Dunns began in 2005, when my daughter Catherine was working as a Sales Representative for the Company. I started off full-time but I became a part-timer 2 years ago.

My Role

My role involves calling customers and taking their orders or selling products to them. A lot of customers phone for their orders but now they also use online and app ordering.

Customer service is very important – we take details from customers, and deal with any complaints or problems that arise. I always like to go the extra mile to help the customers.

I also like getting to know the products – there is always a vast number of new products that arrive, especially drinks.

I always look forward to 'RARA' days (when the suppliers come in to do a promotion) as they are always good fun - especially when I get to dress up for theme days!  Over the years, I have won many prizes. We mostly get to win vouchers but I have won other things from hairdryers to holiday vouchers!

I once won enough vouchers to pay for a holiday –  I went to Mallorca, which is my all-time favourite place. My favourite past time is going on holiday!