Our Environment

Being responsible

As a leading supplier of food and drinks in Scotland, we are committed to ensuring we act in a socially responsible corporate manner.

Our ambition means that we challenge ourselves every day to reduce the environmental impact that we make, so much so that it forms an integral part of our business strategy as we seek to constantly make improvements.

We believe that we as an individual business have a responsibility to achieve good environmental practices and to operate in a sustainable manner. With a commercial fleet such as ours, there are no easy solutions to the daunting environmental challenge that faces our business and industry, but wherever possible, we encourage our employees, our suppliers, our customers and all business associates to take the same stance as ours.

Protecting for the future

This is not just about sustaining our personal business, but we also see it as our moral duty that we should endeavour to deliver in this area, so as to protect future generations.As well as an over-arching policy, we have various initiatives in place to specifically target key areas including:

  • We are determined to go green, but we still must stay in the black.

    Head of one large UK commercial vehicle operation

Our Policy