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We're delighted to supply: Lavazza coffee

We're delighted to supply: Lavazza coffee

"If Italy is synonymous with good coffee, then in Italy Lavazza is synonymous with good coffee itself." (The Times)

Five years ago, 1 in 9 people would visit a coffee shop daily.

Now, that figure has risen to 1 in 5 as an estimated 1.7 billion cups of coffee are bought in the UK each year and the role of a good brew to help with getting through the daily grind has filtered quickly through the population.

What's more, growth is showing no signs of slowing, impressing that we are anywhere near saturation despite a mushroom-ing choice of options.

Taste, though, remains central - you can't afford to rely simply on low prices to attract coffee drinkers. Instead, your coffee MUST be as good as the coffee operators - 67% state that a known brand is important to them when ordering coffee out of home.


Enter Lavazza, the world's leading single product company. With a 45% market share, they are the number one coffee brand in Italy. Seventeen BILLION cups of their coffee are consumed every year!

With sponsorships at exclusive events including Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and London Fashion Week and availability at NINE Michelin starred restaurants, Lavazza are the coffee brand that will allow you to match up your offering.

  • In Lavazza, Dunns give us access to a high quality coffee offering, one which keeps our customers coming back.

    City Centre Restaurant, Glasgow

We are delighted to be Lavazza's distributors for Scotland. Get in touch to discuss your requirements so that you can try them out and wow your customers today!