15 Nov 2018

Dunns are proud to be the Scottish members of the exclusive Society of Vintners purchasing group, having joined in 2011.

This month, the chief executive of The Society of Vintners, John Mansefield, has given his take on what is happening in the world of wine right now, with insights from across the group members, and what to stock and serve this Christmas.

Check out what he had to say below.  If you’d like to get specific advice from our Wine Development Manager or are interested any of the ordering examples we’ve added, then get in touch today.


Champagne’s position as the luxury drink over the festive period will be as strong as ever.  However, customers are now more willing to go for lesser known labels, safe in the knowledge that they often outperform wines from major Champagne Houses.

The Society’s Jules Feraud Champagne is a terrific example of a quality, award-winning Champagne that offers real value.  It’s an exclusive to us as members, so you’ll not find it on supermarket shelves either.

Ordering info:
3652 Jules Feraud Champagne Brut NV – 12x37.5cl
8469 Jules Feraud Champagne Brut NV – 6x75cl
65333 Jules Feraud Champagne Brut NV – 1x75cl
4843 Jules Feraud Rose Champagne NV – 6x75cl

Sparkling Wine

Prosecco remains the drinkers number one choice of sparkling this year, so there should always be an entry level offering available by the glass and bottle.

However, we predict that many customers will use Christmas and New Year as an opportunity to trade up to better quality offerings like Famiglia Pasqua Treviso, so don’t hesitate to offer customers the chance to go premium.

One emerging trend is mid to premium Cava’s where we’re seeing stronger demand than in previous years as operators swap out mediocre Prosecco’s in favour of something new.

Ordering info:
8144 - Nua Prosecco 6x75cl
65782 – Nua Prosecco 1x75cl
Familia Pasqua Prosecco Treviso, Extra Dry – available by request, please enquire
78521 – Gran Livenza Cava 6x75cl
59028 – Gran Livenza Cava Rose 6x75cl

White/Rose Wine

Sauvignon Blanc remains the top selling still white wine in the UK and increasingly it’s New Zealand Sauvignon that is being asked for buy customers – both by the glass and by the bottle.  We’re seeing huge interest in our Riversdale Single Estate and Neptune Point Sauvignon Blancs – both hailing from New Zealand’s famous Marlborough wine region.

There will be demand for a good Pinot Grigio – especially now the new DOC quality standards have kicked in – with San Giorgio Pinot Grigio della Venezie a particular favourite rose.  Demand for premium white wines will also be strong this Christmas and New Year as people try to end what has been a difficult year on a high.  Expect to see customers asking for French regional wines like Chablis and Sancerre , which are perfect accompaniments to pork and turkey.

For drinkers looking for something different, a Zinfandel, which we’re selling more and more of, is a good choice and Out of America Zinfandel lets you serve a great tasting wine with a seasonally appropriate side story, as the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust benefits from the sale of every bottle.

Ordering info:

33963 – Riversdale Sauvignon Blanc 6x75cl
3164 – Neptune Point Sauvignon Blanc 6x75cl
6487 – San Giorgio Pinot Grigio 6x75cl
1065 – San Giorgio Pinot Grigio Rose 6x75cl
51902 – San Giorgio Pinot Grigio Rose 1x75cl
53691 – Jules Du Souzy Chablis 6x75cl
60965 – Jules Du Souzy Chablis 1x75cl
54619 – Domaine de la Perriere Sancerre 1x75cl
13233 – Out of America Zinfandel Rose 6x75cl
22320 – Out of America Zinfandel Rose 1x75cl

Red Wine

Customers are demanding slightly more upmarket reds, so one good example is Old Station Malbec, which is being selected by operators at the expense of Pablo Cortez Malbec – our top selling red last year.  The reason? They like the premium taste and are prepared to pay for it… and it goes brilliantly with beef and cheese too.

The other reds we’re sure will be best sellers are good Riojas from Spain, Shiraz and Merlots from South America and Australasia.

Ordering info:
86278 – Old Station Malbec 6x75cl
Old Station Shiraz, available by request
3590 – Pablo Cortez Malbec 12x75cl
1721 – Coto Mayor Rioja Crianza 6x75l
25204 – Senorial Rioja Crianza 12x75cl
72670 – Senorial Rioja Reserva 12x75cl
26493 – Senorial Rioja Tempranillo 12x75cl
81683 – Toro Fuerte Malbec 6x75cl
7450 – Finca Clasica Malbec Shiraz 6x75cl
3633 – Euca Hill Shiraz 6x75cl
28365 – Captains Table Cabernet Shiraz 6x75cl
9704 – Mountbridge Shiraz Reserve 6x75cl
2200 – One4One Shiraz 24x187ml

Port and Sherry

Sherry – for so long associated with granny at Christmas, it’s now becoming trendy with younger drinkers. Forget the classic Bristol Cream though, we’re talking about customers who are teaching themselves about Manzanilla and Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso, Moscatel and Palo Cortados.  This is a fabulous opportunity for operators to offer something different, and our Lustau Pedro Ximenez is a great place to start.

Ordering info:
89101 – Colosia Amontillado 1x37.5cl
65035 – Colosia Amontillado 1x75cl
12827 – Colosia Fino 1x37.5cl
64469 – Colosia Moscatel 1x37.5cl
85510 – Colosia Oloroso 1x75cl
84594 – Colosia Pedro Ximenez 1x37.5cl
5250 – Harvey’s Club Amontillado 1x70cl
43500 – Herederos Manzanilla 1x37.5cl
89664 – XECO Amontillado 1x75cl
62509 – XECO Fino 1x75cl
Lustau Pedro Ximenez San Emilio 6x75cl - available by request

Port – an essential accompaniment to the cheeseboard and a simple end of meal up sell.  However, don’t stop there…. the on trade is also starting to discuss port and tonic!

Ordering info:
8831 – Cockburns Special Reserve Port 1x37.5cl
8580 – Cockburns Fine Ruby Port 1x75cl
81371 - Krohn White Port 1x75cl
2404 – Windsor Ruby Port 1x75cl

Fancy Fizz

Many drinkers have a problem with overly dry tastes, so cater for these customers with a fizz menu and feature classics such as:

Kir Royale – Champagne over a little Crème de Cassis
Try 4533 – Bols Crème de Cassis or 8874 – Lejay Crème de Cassis

Bucks Fizz – Sparkling wine and fresh orange juice
Add 47146 – Eager Orange Juice with bits or 71300 – Eager Smooth Orange Juice

Death in the Afternoon – Champagne over a little Absinthe
Our Absinthe range includes:
4287 – Absinthe Absente
41573 – Grande Absinthe
57618 – Jade Oxygenee Absinthe
8367 – La Fee Absinthe Parisienne
62405 – Pernod Absinthe

Black Velvet – Sparkling wine or Champagne with Guinness
Add 4273 – Guinness 50L Keg

The Flamingo – Vodka, Campari and sparkling wine
Add 3371 - Campari Bitter 70cl

Our festive vodka promotions (ends 13/1/19) include:
Stoli 70cl £13.49
Red Square – 6x1.5L £109.99 (Buy 5 cases get a bottle free)
Smirnoff – 6x1.5L £141.99 (Buy a case and get a 70cl free)
Finlandia – 70cl £12.99
Eristoff – 70cl £11.49
Russian Standard – 70cl £11.99 (Buy 12 get an OVD 70cl free)
Ciroc – 70cl £21.99
Absolut – 70cl £13.75 (Buy 12 get 1 free)