01 Oct 2019

This year, Country Range have created 3 Menu Solution guides for the first time.

The previous solutions were:

1 : Fill ‘em up – the next generation of super sandwiches (including food-to-go) - Download Guide
2. Catering for Kids (in an out-of-home environment including both hospitality and education sectors) - Download Guide

Now, it's time for the latest with the theme 'Street Wise', centred around how to drive the latest street food trends in to your menus.

Here's a quick look at some of the findings:
A large influence on food trends around the world is originating from street food vendors. Twenty years ago, street food was an unheard of concept but thanks to the rise in outdoor events and festivals, it now represents a thriving, vibrant community of entrepreneurial chefs introducing us to exciting new flavours and fantastic food.

Street Food Stats:

The success of street food is permeating from all corners of hospitality. Schools, care homes, hospitals and out-of-home menus can all be inspired by variety and energy. Some of the more high-profile examples such as Dishoom, Wahaca and Masala Zone are restaurants who have successfully adapted street food trends into the casual dining environment, however we are witnessing an increasing number of sectors participating as time progresses.

With so much variety on offer when it comes to street food, recipe planning can be a headache for caterers. We’ve explored the latest trends and global cuisines to provide you with 10 brand new recipes inspired by the dishes and cuisines that are leading the way.

The trends identified include:

A-maize-ing Latin America
Continuing to enjoy the delights of Latin American cuisine. Many of us are graduating from fajitas and burritos and now simply can’t get enough of delicious culinary delights such as churros, tamales, and empanadas. Our appetite for the food and culture of Latin America is far from abating and is driving a deeper understanding for its origins and the people who cook it.

Hyper-Locally Grown
It’s all in the description – references to “Fresh”, “Sweet” and “Crispy” are phrases most associated with healthy eating and references to provenance or using the words “Traditionally” and “Matured” are associated with higher prices.

The Pasts Influence Present: Modern Indian
When you hear the phrase “Modern Indian”, you would be forgiven for assuming this trend centres around a re-shaping of Indian food, distancing it from its roots. The reality is quite different. Our relationship with Indian cuisine has been long standing, however many dishes have evolved or been altered to cater for a Western palate over time. Modern Indian is a movement which encourages chefs to return to authentic and regional Indian dishes, rediscovering long lost ingredients and home-style cooking; celebrating dishes from individual towns and villages which appeal to a more modern, well-travelled audience who are looking for authentic experiences.

South of the Clouds
More frequently, regional food trends are representing the lives and cultures of a specific geographical location. This is certainly true of Tibetan and Nepalese dishes. The rise in the popularity of dim sum and gyoza has paved the way for introducing Tibetan and Nepalese variatiosn called momo to the international stage. We’ve created a delicious Momo in traditional chilli tomato sauce for you to try – it’s bursting with Country Range products for you to try of course! Easy to prepare and cook, they would work well in a university campus as part of a regular street food offering. Perfect for snacking or food on the go.

Modern Chinese: A Regional Experience
Throughout the UK and Ireland, Chinese cuisine has historically featured recipes and dishes from the Canton province. An increase in global travel and the inquisitiveness often displayed by Generation Z and Millenials is encouraging a move away from mainstream Chinese food into regional dishes outside of the Canton province, making way for new flavour experiences from what is a vast and varied recipe book.

The Ones to Watch
As with all trends, there are a few which are in their emerging stage and that will start to develop in the months to come. Some of these influences can add light and shade to a menu as well as providing a point of difference to a caterers offering so that you stay streets ahead of the competition. Keep an eye on:
- Mindful Modern Australian
- West African Warmth
- Central Asian
- Cuisine Stands Up
- Modern Korean goes European

Read the full report for more details:

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