07 May 2020


As the Scottish Government extends lockdown and no dates are yet known on when hospitality business can reopen, we have teamed up with design and refurbishment specialists, M D Hospitality, to share some practical steps worth considering now during these challenging times. 

Whilst you work on your re-opening plans, could you please be aware that we are operating with a restricted service and reduced staff numbers at this time (including no Saturday service).  Please contact Telesales on 01698 727777 to let us know your intentions and to allow us to tell you about the measures we have put in place. 

M D Hospitality has an award winning team with decades of experience helping owners of restaurants, bars and hotels refurbish and develop their businesses, making them well placed to offer guidance on practical steps to consider.

  1. Achieve social distancing while, at the same time, maximising space and customer capacity. Re-evaluate every inch of your floor-plan, rediscover and upgrade any unused spaces. Move all non-essentials off site.

  2. We don’t know exactly what the required restrictions will be for reopening, however floor plans and layouts will need to be reconsidered. The removal of tables or reuse of them as additional sanitising stations or put down areas should be considered. Movable partitions could be installed to allow maximum flexibility for layouts and area separation as well as individual table top screens.

  3. External spaces will be invaluable during the reopening period. These will be even more popular than before and must be as attractive, flexible and comfortable as possible.

  4. Go with the flow - how customers queue, enter, leave and maintain social distancing throughout their time in your establishment must be considered, managed and clearly communicated.

  5. Trust is the Trophy – customers must be 100% confident that the highest standards of cleaning and safety are being met. There should be hand sanitisers throughout the premises, including each entrance and every table. New cleaning policies should be adopted and communicated, especially regarding table top cleaning and the sanitising and management of all crockery, condiments and glassware.

    Where possible, reduce the need for customers and staff to touch surfaces; consider options such as masks and gloves for all staff, sensors to operate taps and toilet flush systems, contactless payment options and instead of disposable paper menus - guests could access information via their mobile phones.

  6. Don’t lose the magic - we know budgets are tight but it’s important your premises looks and feels great when you reopen. Take the opportunity while closed to finish any maintenance, freshen up the place or carry out refurbishment works. You may also be able to get works carried out at a discounted rate.

    We strongly believe our industry will be appreciated more than ever post-lockdown, as we and our customers have now experienced life without it. No one knows exactly what the new norm will be, but we must remain positive and prepare for a Big Bounce-back and live to fight another day!

    To contact M D Hospitality for an informal chat about any aspect of developing and supporting your business, from simple freshen ups to complete concept, design and builds, you can visit their website or contact Michael by phone on 07710348969, email, or by connecting directly on LinkedIn