30 Apr 2019

The demand for insights has increased dramatically over the past few years, whether that is an understanding of the shifts in consumer and generational behaviour or for more menu insight and recipe inspiration.

Already, the Country Range group works hard to ensure that Stir It Up Magazine, Promotions and digital and social platforms provide a solid overview of all elements. 

Now, for 2019/20, the first ever Stir it up Foodservice Trend Guide has been unveiled.

This is an excellent tool with information on how changes within our wider environment directly and indirectly impact our foodservice marketplace. The Guide explores some of the main consumer behaviour, cuisine and food trends affecting our industry and how they apply to your business.

The guide introduces the overall marketplace and key issues each sector is facing and provides a Talking About My Generation overview of how each generation differs from the next. An understanding of the impact of the differences is essential to understanding how you can target certain age demographics by updating menus or marketing differently. 

The Trend Guide then introduce the five key trends that identified as driving significant change within the foodservice industry:

Each key trend has it’s own icon used throughout the guide and will also be used within the Stir it up Magazine, Promotions and other communications throughout the year to identify where any activity or specific food trend we’re discussing links with a particular key overarching foodservice trend.

As detailed in the guide, any business or brand can provide a trend update that tells caterers that, for example, the demand for plant-based options on menus has increased. Country Range has invested time in ensuring the guide is full of real-life examples from brands and establishments as well as recipe inspiration to support each of the key trends highlighted.

At the end of each of the key trend sections there is a collection of actionable ideain the format of a tick list of several different ways you can maximise the opportunity.

About each trendL

Any feedback on the Guide is welcomed so that when the 2020/21 Guide is created, we can ensure that the information is relevant.