30 Aug 2022

So you want to know the new trends dominating the drinks industry?

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The drinks industry is ever-changing - and having been around for nearly 150 years, we’ve seen it all. At Dunns Food and Drinks, we’ve delivered the best of Scottish food and drink to our customers for generations. With that in mind, we’re here to tell you about three current trends that we think have staying power.


Trend #1

Non Alcoholic Drinks


The number of dry or sober drinkers continues to rise year on year within the UK. According to Newsweek, the hashtag, "Sober Curious" was viewed over 105 million times - showing that more Brits are exploring low and no alcohol options than ever before. Stocking the best low and no alcohol beverages is key to claiming your share of this market.


Increasingly, drinkers are looking for more sophisticated alternatives than fresh juice or fizzy drinks, and we are seeing a huge increase in orders of premium soft drinks and other non-alcoholic products.


This is another area where the industry has massively progressed, due to the rise of sober drinkers, and those choosing to cut down. According to Distill Ventures, 59% of people in the UK are ordering non-alcoholic drinks on nights out when they are also drinking alcohol, compared with only 29% who are drinking solely alcoholic drinks. This means the market is likely to keep growing, with leaders like Crosship emerging at the forefront.


We are proud to stock them, and share their message of improving the non-alcoholic offering with their mature alcohol-free, natural spirits. You can view our range, including our non-alcoholic offering, here.


Trend #2 Climate-conscious drinking


Eco-friendly drinking is more than a trend, as younger consumers report embracing experiences based on ethical spending, including the brands they consume. When it comes to planet-friendly drinking, the conversation has moved on from plastic versus paper straws, with many consumers looking to support drinks brands who are working to promote ethical practices across the drinks industry.


ecoSpirits is the world's first low carbon, low waste spirits company. They work within the premium spirits industry to create their innovative closed-loop distribution system that nearly eliminates packaging waste in the premium spirits supply chain. This is a huge asset to your venue’s marketing, as well as helping your bar or hotel with any green targets.


Trend #3 Rum


Gin has enjoyed a massive resurgence over recent years, with the IWSR stating that gin consumption between 2013 and 2018 (a.ka. The “Ginnaisance”) was an astounding 27.65%, rising from 518,000 nine-litre cases in 2013 to almost 1.8m in 2018, with more growth since.


Now, it’s rum’s time to shine. With drinkers discovering the delicious complexity that rums can offer, consumption and distilleries specialising in rum are on the up. According to the Morning Advertiser, the UK’s rum market is the third largest in the world. Now, sales of rum have surpassed £1 billion a year in the UK - meaning it’s overtaken whisky.


Premium and spiced rums have driven this rise, with an increase in sales and value, rum is now flourishing and at the heart of a growing niche within cocktails and perfect serves.


Here at Dunns, we stock a diverse variety of rums, including many from micro-distilleries which are doing things a bit differently as well as rum giants your customers will know and love.


Tanduay has been producing fine rums since 1854 (that’s only 21 years before we began distributing soft drinks around Scotland!) Since then, they’ve been awarded the ‘world’s number one rum’, twice. You can add a case to your next order via our website or app.


From spiced to white rum, we have it all. Check out our full range here.


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