24 May 2022

Our range has everything a food and drink business could want, need or hope for. We’ve delivered the very best of Scottish food and drink to our valued customers for generations.


Something we are particularly proud of is finding the very best hidden gems our country has to offer. It’s our mission to support the best of Scotland, including the up and coming food and drinks brands that make our range unique.


We have helped some of Scotland’s most famous brands scale up their production and enter the wholesale market. Here are a few emerging stars on the horizon:


William Swords Scottish Soup Co


Here at Dunns, we have a soft spot for other family businesses which is why we’re proud to stock William Swords products. The Sword family have been making and baking great food since 1894 and are still going strong – with their Scottish Soup Co brand going from strength to strength.


Dunns are now stocking with a variety of their delicious soups in 4kg foodservice format, as well as their tasty pastry products. The Scottish Soup Co range has something for everyone, from traditional Carrot and Coriander to mouth-watering Chicken and Rice. Great care is taken to produce great tasting soup using traditional recipes and the finest Scottish produce.


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Fierce Brewery


Meet Fierce brewery, Scotland’s most decorated brewery!


Co-founders, Dave Grant and Dave McHardy met during a brewing course in Sunderland. From this newly formed brewing friendship, along with continued positive feedback from many of their homebrews they both decided to put all their focus, drive and passion for beer into starting a brewery – and as such Fierce Beer mashed in its first-ever commercial brew in May 2016 at its new home in Dyce, Aberdeen.


After being officially crowned Scottish Brewery Of Year in 2021, Fierce Beer are looking to create more awesome flavours and develop more interesting techniques. We are proud to stock their beers and love recommending their products to our trade customers who are looking for something authentically different.


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Nuisance Drinks


If you’re as obsessed with food and drink as us, you’ll know that the market for more sophisticated alternatives to non-alcoholic drinks is growing massively - and we’re loving everything that Nuisance Drinks are up to.


Based in Edinburgh, Nuisance drinks offer unique carbonated drinks made from botanicals and ingredients found in the Great British countryside that might typically be seen as 'nuisance' plants or invasive species.


Their signature flavours include brambles, nettles and mint - with their neatly packaged cans offering something a little different to the traditional mixer. Nuisance also donates a percentage of its profits to Rewilding Britain, a charity that works to keep our countryside great. That’s why we love promoting them, we love to see brands acting for good and making a difference while producing great tasting products.


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