09 Mar 2023

Over the past few years, there has been a move towards sustainable food and drink options in the UK. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of how their food choices impact the environment and are actively seeking out alternatives that are more environmentally friendly. For businesses often the challenge is seen as being able to introduce these sustainable options while maintaining profit margins.


Here at Dunns, we are at the forefront of helping restaurants and venues across the country to improve their customer offering while keeping costs competitive. Here are five sustainable swaps you can make today.


1. Switch to Harris Gin


When it comes to gin, Harris Gin should be at the top of your list. Switching to Harris Gin allows you to support a business committed to protecting Scotland's shores.


The defining botanical in Harris Gin is sugar kelp seaweed, which is harvested sustainably by diver Lewis Mackenzie from local sea lochs.


In the spring, Lewis handpicks the gold-green fronds from hidden underwater forests and has them dried locally. To ensure he doesn't deplete the same underwater forest too quickly, he adheres to a rule that the kelp should be left to recover and grow for months without an "r".


This approach safeguards the vital local habitat for sea life. Harris Gin also prioritises social sustainability by providing sustainable employment opportunities for locals on the Isle of Harris, allowing them to continue living on the island. So, not only does Harris Gin care about the quality of its product, but it also cares about the impact it has on the environment and the local community. Dunns is proud to be the exclusive on-trade supplier for Harris Gin in Scotland, so if you'd like to make the switch, speak to your Dunns rep today.


2. Try using ecoSPIRITS


ecoSPIRITS is the world's first low carbon, low waste spirits distribution technology. They use an innovative closed-loop distribution system that nearly eliminates packaging waste in the premium spirits supply chain. It is a massive win for sustainability in their business - and potentially yours too.


By dramatically reducing packaging and transport costs, ecoSPIRITS provides both a powerful cost advantage and a transformative carbon footprint reduction.

At Dunns, we now have two of their collaborations in the 4.5L format – the Avallen Calvados, a brandy that is the world-first "planet positive spirit", and one with London's Portobello Road Gin.


Opting for larger quantities packaged sustainably can lead to significant reductions in packaging and transportation costs associated with delivering spirits across the UK. This translates to savings that can be passed on to customers. By making this choice, you are also contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of the industry. So not only can you save money, but you can also help to create a more sustainable future.


3. Use draught dispense at Dunns


At Dunns, we take pride in being the pioneers of draught dispense soft drinks in Scotland, offering the country's number one independent dispensing solution. Our draught dispense systems are designed to provide efficient service without compromising on quality. With the Deposit Return Scheme set to launch in Scotland this year, our bag-in-box soft drinks are the perfect sustainable solution for your venue.


We manufacture a comprehensive range of bag-in-box solutions, with over 1.4 million litres of Dunns draught sold each year, equivalent to more than 4.6 million cans of coke. By using our bag-in-box solution, you can save on extra DRS bottle fees.


Our dispensed bag-in-box solutions are available in a variety of flavours and can be delivered on our food trucks. One box of our bag-in-box solution can provide 70L of dispensed drink, and at a dash size of 60ml, you can achieve over 1,000 dashes per box.


We even offer a bag-in-box Diet Cola, catering to the growing demand for low-sugar alternatives. So, whether it's a classic flavour or a new twist, we have a bag-in-box soft drink that your customers will love, and you'll love the sustainability and convenience of our draught dispense system.


4. Reduce your food waste


Hundreds of tons of food go to waste every day across the country, which is bad for your bottom line and the planet. To run a sustainable and profitable business, reducing food waste is crucial. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by reviewing portion sizes offered to customers.


Large portions may seem appealing to customers, but too big can lead to uneaten food being thrown away. However, other steps can be taken to reduce food waste, such as carefully planning menus, tracking inventory, training staff, donating excess food, and composting.


By implementing these measures, you are reducing your business' environmental footprint, saving money, and operating more efficiently.


5. Source sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients


When it comes to sourcing ingredients, location is not the only factor in choosing sustainable options.


At Dunns, we stock medium-sized free-range eggs produced with animal welfare in mind.


By selecting products that can be traced back to their source, you can share these details with customers to show where you are supporting ethical practices and promoting sustainable agriculture.


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