15 Feb 2022

We are proud to be Scottish members of The Country Range Group and even more so today as the group has announced that at the end of 2021, all non-recyclable black packaging material was successfully removed from the production of new Country Range products.

While some products with longer shelf-life will still have the old packaging until stocks run out, it is already estimated that a minimum of 57 tonnes of non-recyclable black packaging materials will be eliminated from the Group’s supply chain each year (based on 2019 figures). 

Moya Parrington, Country Range Group Quality & Compliance Manager, said:

“It’s been a huge amount of work and it’s really only the beginning but we’re delighted to have eradicated all non-recyclable black packaging material from the Country Range portfolio. It’s been an extremely rewarding project for everyone associated with the Group and highlights that if we all work together, we can make a real and big difference.”

“We began a process of critically assessing each Country Range product. Instead of just concentrating on one area of sustainability, a full 360°-review of each product was conducted, and every launch was examined to provide us with clear goals. This is only the beginning as we continue to assess, test and develop new solutions to help us improve further, reduce our footprint and also encourage manufacturers, suppliers and brands to follow our lead.” 

Martin Ward, Commercial Director of the Country Range Group, said:

“In line with the Country Range Group’s passion for continual improvement, the Group created the Quality Manager role in 2017, this means every product in the 800-plus Country Range portfolio is systematically and robustly assessed from a sustainable standpoint. This includes evaluating all packaging, production methods, ingredients, sourcing, and supply chains to ensure everything is being done to make each product as green as possible, while guaranteeing the same high-quality product.” 

With non-recyclable black packaging materials now disposed of, the Group is also switching products from white cardboard to brown cardboard to further reduce their footprint and improving the recycled content of its plastic packaging. 

About the Country Range Group

With over 30 years of heritage servicing the UK & Ireland’s innovative foodservice sector, the Country Range Group is made up of 11 independent wholesalers - Birchall Foodservice, Blakemore Foodservice, Caterite Foodservice, Creed Foodservice, Dunns Food and Drinks, EFG Foodservice, Harvest Fine Foods, Henderson Foodservice, Savona Foodservice, Thomas Ridley Foodservice, Trevors Foodservice and Turner Price.

In addition to offering the leading brands from around the globe, the Group also provides over 800 products, all developed exclusively for professional caterers under the Country Range brand. Covering grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food, Country Range is widely recognised by caterers as a trusted and reliable brand delivering consistent quality and value for money without compromising on taste and flavour.