19 Mar 2020

Dear All

Further to our notice on Tuesday we wanted to update you on what’s been happening round the business and in the wider world of wholesale and what we are hearing from our customers. 

There is no doubt that this has been an extremely challenging and frightening week for the whole country but we gave you our commitment that we would do everything within our power to bring the business through this bleak time.  Over the last couple of days we have spent much time talking to the management team, as many staff members as we can and our fellow wholesalers round the country and lobbying through the Scottish Wholesale Association to ensure we are represented at Government level.

At the moment those wholesalers who service the retail/convenience sector are seeing booming times.  Those of us who service the on trade ie pubs and restaurants are not faring as well.  We have approached Scottish Government and UK Government through the Scottish Wholesale  Association and directly with regards redeploying resources through the food and drinks supply chain and will update you if anything comes of this. 

The retail sector is one which we have always serviced with our own soft drinks through our wholesale business and through our van sales operations and through traditional “ginger” takeaways .  There is also the possibility of the home delivery service, staff and family and friend sales.  The Country Range supply network continues strongly and we do have stock of every day consumables to satisfy most requirements.

It is heartening to see how well you have all responded to this challenge.  There have been a number of suggestions and initiatives and these are being put into action where practicable.  We will continue to update you on these as they happen and would ask that through your own network and social media connections you make them available to as many people as possible.

It is important that we keep the channels of communication amongst us all open.  This not only includes sharing your great ideas but also if you need to, sharing your anxieties and concerns.  We must support each other through these frightening times.

Our best regards,
Jim Rowan and Julie Dunn