18 Mar 2020

Yesterday we outlined to our staff that as a company with 145 years of trading it is fully our intention to trade through these extremely difficult times.  We do not expect this to be easy as we know the difficulties that many of our customers are now facing. 
We are now hearing from you about the interruptions to your cash flow through lack of sales which of course knocks on to us all.  We appreciate that this cash flow crisis will have dire consequences for all of us. The Government is updating us on a daily basis with measures they are putting in place to alleviate the extreme hardship.  Information can be found on the government website at
We must hope that the grants and reliefs now available will allow us all some liquidity.  It is so important that we remain in constant communication.  For there to be a positive outcome it is absolutely essential that all parts of the food and drinks supply chain remain as collaborative as possible.  Our team members will be contacting you on a regular basis to discuss the opportunities which may be available through take-away, off sales and home deliveries.  We will also be discussing ongoing ways of trading.  If you wish to more fully discuss this please don’t hesitate to contact the finance team who have been briefed to explore alternative means of trading.

Footfall is going to be paramount for us all and we would like to join forces with you. Please let us know of any steps you are taking to tackle the situation or reach out to your communities – whether it is setting up a delivery service, offering a takeaway menu, opening for the elderly or supporting the vulnerable for example. Find us and tag us under Dunns Food and Drinks or @dunnswholesale on Twitter and we will share.
We have mentioned this in previous communications but please do make arrangements with us to place your orders online where you have the capability – details for doing so can be picked up from your telesales operator or sales rep or via the ‘contact us’ form on our website.  Alternatively leave your order on the answer phone.  This allows us to redeploy staff throughout the business if required.

Kind regards,
Jim Rowan, Julie Dunn
& all the team at Dunns Food and Drinks