06 Apr 2020

The present situation means that there have been significant demand changes across sectors of the food industry. This means the importance of reducing food wastage wherever possible is, if anything, greater than ever.

It is often overlooked that dairy products freeze incredibly well, so we’ve put together some handy notes on dairy freezing to enable you to reduce wastage and make best use of your supplies.

At Dunns Food and Drinks, ensuring the very best quality of the products that we supply is of utmost importance to us. It is a pillar of our service pledge and we are committed to providing clear guidance on where freezing can maintain the product quality that we always strive for.  

Our tips provide some clarity on what product types can be frozen, the potential impacts on quality and guidance on how to handle the freeze/defrost process.  Please continue to check product packaging for supplier/manufacturer guidance on individual products.

Starters for 10

Visit The Food Standards Agency website for lots of information on how to freeze and defrost food safely:

What can be frozen?

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