22 Jun 2023

Three global food trends to watch out for

As the UK’s culinary landscape continues to evolve, more Brits are embracing the vibrant flavours of global cuisines. From the tantalising spices of Southeast Asia to the warm spices of the Caribbean and the rich culinary heritage of South America, most of us are indulging in a world of gastronomic delights.


In this blog post, we’ll delve into the trend towards Southeast Asian, Caribbean, and South American cuisines, and how Dunns is satisfying the growing demand for these international flavours.

Southeast Asian Sensations


Southeast Asian cuisine has captured food enthusiasts' taste buds around the world. The UK is no exception, with an increasing number of restaurants and bars incorporating the enchanting flavours of Vietnamese, Singaporean, and Philippine cuisine into their menus. According to The Caterer, Asian food is booming in UK as the sector grows.


From the aromatic lemongrass-infused curries of Vietnam to the bold and fiery spices of Singaporean street food, these cuisines offer an array of flavours. We understand the allure of these Southeast Asian sensations, which is why we ensure our portfolio of products includes essential ingredients that allow chefs and cooks to create authentic and mouthwatering dishes.


Caribbean cuisine


A tropical paradise known for its pristine beaches and vibrant culture, the Caribbean is also a treasure trove of culinary delights. From the soulful flavours of Puerto Rican cuisine to the robust and savoury dishes of Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Caribbean cuisine offers a fusion of African, European, and indigenous influences.


The UK has embraced the Caribbean's unique flavours, and people are relishing dishes like jerk chicken, plantain fritters, and coconut-infused curries. According to The Guardian, Britain's love of Caribbean cuisine has gone way beyond Reggae Reggae sauce.


We recognise the growing demand for Caribbean ingredients, and we take pride in offering a wide range of products that bring the authentic taste of the islands to the UK market. In particular, we’ve noticed a rise in demand for Caribbean flavours from down south which is why we’re partnering with out suppliers to ensure we have the right ingredients on hand for our customers.


For example, Irie Eats, who bring island flavour to your customers. Irie Eats creates Caribbean street food, which will soon be available through our supplier, Funnybones Foodservice.



Savouring South American Delicacies


South America, a continent renowned for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, boasts a captivating culinary scene. Argentinian steaks, Brazilian feijoada, and Chilean seafood delicacies are just a glimpse of the flavourful offerings that South American cuisine brings to the table.


As the UK's palate expands, so does the appreciation for South American flavours. Restaurants and bars across the country are incorporating these delicacies into their menus, enticing diners with a taste of the vibrant continent.


As a leading food and drink wholesaler, Dunns understands the allure of South American cuisine and sources the finest ingredients to meet the demands of chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike.


Dunns: Delivering the World to Your Doorstep


For over 150 years, Dunns has been at the forefront of the food and drink wholesale industry, delivering a remarkable portfolio of craft beers, wines, spirits, and food products from around the world.


As the trend of global cuisines rises in the UK, Dunns ensures that chefs, restaurants, and bars have access to the finest ingredients needed to create culinary masterpieces influenced by the flavours of Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and South America.


With our commitment to quality and our extensive range of products, Dunns is the go-to wholesaler for those seeking to tantalise taste buds with the best that the world has to offer.


For example, Dunns River Jerk Seasoning, Leithal’s Thai-inspired hot sauce and our range of Knorr ready-to-cook products offer a great entry point to the world of flavour UK consumers are looking for. Speak to your Dunns representative today about expanding your world of flavour within your menus.


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As a trusted food and drink wholesaler, Dunns is proud to support this trend by providing an extensive range of products that bring the authentic taste of these global cuisines.


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