26 May 2020

We have received several enquiries asking if it is possible to buy a keg for a home bar.

Yes, you can but please bear in mind:

  1. Likely to only be possible on a collection basis from our Blantyre depot due to the difficulties of doing keg deliveries with reduced staff levels.

  2. You need to make sure you have all the right equipment and connectors etc in your set-up.

  3. With most trade establishments shut at the moment, some kegs 'in stock' may have expired or expiring dates and be awaiting uplift from the supplier.  Please see below for products currently available - products marked with an X have dates that precede this post. 

  4. A pint of beer is 568ml. A keg, whether 20L, 30L, or 50L size is a lot of pints! Please drink responsibly.

To order, you can do it on the online platform or by calling Telesales on 01698 727777 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm to discuss further.

Keg Availability        
  79567 Blue Moon 1x20L X
  84458 Brooklyn Lager 1x30L  
  1252 Red Stripe 1x50L X
  84915 Fruli Strawberry 1x30L X
  40745 Mystic Peach/Peche 1x30L X
  71380 Pravha Lager 1x50L X
  28738 Staropramen Lager 1x30L X
  44702 Staropramen Lager 1x50L X
  80467 La Trappe Blonde 1x20L  
  21216 La Trappe Bock 1x20L  
  84884 ABK Dunkel  1x30L  
  43188 ABK Fels Pilsner  1x30L  
  29213 ABK Hell  1x30L  
  13101 ABK Weisse  1x30L  
  57753 Benediktiner 1x30L  
  17002 Bitburger Pils 1x50L  
  83395 Erdinger Weiss 1x30L  
  82402 Furstenberg Premium Lager 1x50L  
  88712 Jever Pils 1x50L  
  24281 Kostrizer Kellerbier 1x30L X
  89221 Paulaner Munich Lager 1x50L  
  35518 Weihenstephan Helles 1x30L  
  5177 Weihenstephan Weiss Heffe 1x30L  
  27025 Chieftain IPA  1x30L X
  69458 Hop House 13 1x30L X
  16896 Open Gate Pilsner 1x30L  
  42057 Guinness Draught 1x30L X
  4273 Guinness Draught  1x50L X
  82875 Caffreys Irish Ale  1x50L X
  18480 Rebel Red Red Ale  1x30L X
  3828 Birra Moretti L'Autentica Lager Beer  1x20L  
  2479 Birra Moretti L'Autentica Lager Beer  1x30L X
  15656 71 Brewing/Fyne Ales Louring Skies 1x20L  
  1069 Belhaven Best  1x50L X
  17758 Bellfield Bohemium Pilsner 1x30L  
  57078 Bellfield Session Ale  1x30L X
  14151 BrewDog Punk IPA 1x50L  
  20042 Caledonian Brewing Co. Coast to Coast 1x30L X
  43319 Harviestoun Forth 1x30L X
  28782 Hidden Lane 88 (80 Shilling)  1x30L X
  86158 Innis & Gunn Lager 1x50L  
  5762 McEwans 60/-  1x50L X
  5356 McEwans Export  1x50L X
  3348 St Mungo Lager  1x50L  
  57754 WEST GPA 1x50L  
  80002 WEST Heidi-Weisse  1x50L  
  61667 Sagres 1x30L  
  80071 Estrella Galicia 1x50L  
  16380 Moritz 1x30L  
  47343 Pistonhead Kustom Lager 1x30L X
  66616 Hobgoblin 1x30L  
  3384 Carling Lager  1x50L X
  6492 John Smiths  Smooth  1x50L X
  82328 Maltsmith Bavarian Pilsner Style Lager 1x30L X
  71667 Meantime Anytime IPA 30L X
  25581 Doom bar 1x50L X
UK Under Licence        
  7670 Amstel lager  1x50L X
  2997 Cobra Beer  1x50L  
  15241 Coors Light  1x50L X
  4346 Kingfisher Premium   1x50L X
  6411 Stella Artois 1x45.5L X
  46613 Aspall Draught Cyder 4.5% 1x50L  
  46468 Aspall Draught Cyder 5.5% 1x50L  
  78363 Carling Black Fruit Cider 1x50L  
  28273 Carling Cider  1x50L  
  13394 Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime  1x50L  
  40226 Lost Orchard Scottish Pure Apple 1x50L  
  45627 Rekorderlig Apple  1x30L  
  31609 Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime 1x30L  
  23015 Sharps Orchard 1x50L  
  7044 Strongbow 1x50L  
  32916 Strongbow Cloudy Apple  1x50L  
  1513 Strongbow Dark Fruit  1x50L  
  14066 Thistly Cross Original 1x30L  
  64940 Thistly Cross Traditional 1x30L  
  79769 Funkin Pina Colada  1x20L X
  29809 Funkin Pornstar Martini 1x20L X