13 Feb 2019

The popularity of fries has never been greater and, with chips topping the list of potato dishes when eating out, great quality chips are a menu must-have.

According to research by NPD Crest, in the year ending March 2017, 18.6% of out-of-home occasions included potatoes – and chips or French fries accounted for 59.6% of all foodservice potato servings.

Roll on then, the arrival in stock this week of the NEW Country Range Crispy Coated Shoestring Fries (7x7mm).  The product, which can be ordered under code 27791, adds to our range of chips, giving caterers even more choice when it comes to their potato offering.  

The delicious Crispy Coated Shoestring Fries are a must-have.  Serve them as a classic side dish or offer a premium option by adding toppings such as pulled pork, barbeque sauce, or jalapenos, salsa and mozzarella.

Extra crispy and thin cut, Country Range Crispy Coated Shoestring fries are wrapped in a crispy coating to ensure they stay crispy for longer than standard fries.