14 Feb 2022

We pride ourselves on our range, including the many Scottish brands we have helped to scale up their production and enter the wholesale market. It’s our mission to support the best of Scotland, including the up and coming food and drinks brands that make our range unique. 

Here are a few of our favourite brands that are doing things a little differently. 

Buck and Birch

Buck and Birch are one of our newest and most exciting suppliers. The ethos of Buck and Birch is to go back to the source and to connect to the landscape. They celebrate nature’s hard work and share it with the world by creating botanically infused syrups and spirits that are perfect for serving over ice or in delicious cocktails. 

Their most popular products are Aelder Elixir, a wild elderberry liqueur and Ana, a birch syrup caramel liqueur. Although, they have a wide range of products that cocktail enthusiasts and purists are raving about. We are pleased to support this thriving Scottish business and help them along on their wholesale journey.

Buck and Birch started as a foraging hobby and has turned into a thriving spirit business that offers a Scottish alternative to unique spirits. Using local sources and foraged products, there’s nothing else quite like them on the market at the moment. 

Fancy giving Scottish liqueurs a go? Speak to your sales rep about Buck and Birch.

Valentian Vermouth

The Tait brothers, David and Dominic, set out to challenge convention. Inspired by their home in the Scottish Borders, they developed a Scottish vermouth infused with the botanicals and fruit of Italy and the spirit of Scotland: Valentian Vermouth. 

Valentian Vermouth offers a unique flavour which is the product of marrying two great flavours and traditions. They’ve dared to pair a crisp Italian white wine with a distinctive Scottish new-make malt spirit - making for a delicious vermouth that pairs perfectly with premium tonic water or mixes fantastically in innovative cocktails. 

Botanicals of rhubarb, sage, laurel, gentian root, liquorice root, ginger, sweet and bitter orange make this premium vermouth bursting with flavour and well worth a space in your gantry. 

Brewgooder Clean Water Lager

Brewgooder tastes good, and it does good too! That’s why it’s the perfect Scottish brewery to back this year. Launched in 2016, the Brewgooder mission has been simple from the outset - to provide clean water through the power of craft beer, by donating 100% of profits to clean water charities.

That’s exactly what they’ve achieved, with every can being brewed on purpose, with purpose. We stock Brewgooder’s zesty and refreshing award-winning flagship beer. Clean Water Lager which is 4.5% ABV is brewed in the classic ‘Helles style’, with Chinook and Sorachi Ace hops. With plenty of goodness behind them - they’re proving that pints can change the world.

Panther Milk - Scotland's Vegan Cocktail

Panther Milk is an incredibly delicious drink inspired by 'Leche De Pantera', a potent beverage that has its origins in vibrant 1920's Spain. 

Panther Milk launched in Glasgow back in 2014 as a secret pop up bar. It was originally meant to last for just three months, the demand and popularity were so high that the bar was made permanent for four and a half years. 

Today, Dunns have helped Panther Milk reach new heights and bring them into the world of wholesale. For something a little different, speak to your sales rep about adding Panther Milk to your next order.

The product is vegan but has an appeal for any cocktail drinkers or those who like something new. Interestingly, the product has changed its recipe by switching oat milk suppliers after their original supplier began investing in unsustainable projects. This young, Scottish company is committed to their morals as well as outstanding business practises which is why we’re proud to support them.

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