12 Dec 2018


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At Dunns, we are constantly striving to enhance and evolve our range and November was no different – we have added dozens of new additions to our product portfolio!

November - New Food Products

59167 Halal Beef Stock 1x800g
Tubbed Herbs & Spices  
18831 Dried Ancho Chillies 1x1kg
10478 Dried Habanero Chillies 1x1kg
69055 T/L Arrowroot 1x500g
39358 T/L Cracked Black Pepper 1x400g
81215 T/L Ground White Pepper 1x400g
UHT Milk & Cream Product  
27151 Alpro Almond & Coconut 8x1lt
UHT & Other Sauces  
25335 Hollandaise Sauce 1x1lt
Sauce Sachets  
23943 Hellmans Mayo Squeezy 8x250ml
Funnybones Ambient Range  
14916 Rio Rub n Roast Seasoning 6x330G
41669 Rio Sweet Onion Dressing 1x2.5kg
Jams / Spreads  
44942 Crunchy Peanut Butter 1x340g
Coffee Syrups  
84706 Da Vinci Choco Coffee Syrup 1x1lt
84347 Da Vinci Amaretto Coffe Syrup 1x1lt
21364 Da Vinci S/Cara Coffee Syrup  1x1lt
31823 Da Vinci Spiced Chai Coffee Syrup  1x1lt
 Baking Requisites  
20217 Sosa Ultratex 1x500g
22046 Candy Canes 24x12
48889 Kingsway Gummy Bears 1x3kg
39458 Starburst 1x24
79061 Vimto Candy Floss 1x6
Burger Buns/Hotdog Rolls  
56748 Meditteranean Olive Bread 8x600g
54841 Meditteranean Tomato Bread 8x600g
25116 Sour Dough Rolls 1x40
McCains Chips  
83352 StayCrisp Julienne Skin On  4x2.27Kg
Frozen Pasta  
44159 La Tua Lasagne 1x3Kg
50813 La Tua Rigatoni 1x3Kg
58614 La Tua Rustichelle 1x3Kg
16340 La Tua Spaghetti 1x3Kg
12168 La Tua Tagliolini 1x3Kg
76372 La Tua Trofie 1x3Kg
Ice Cream  
61796 Blue Candy Floss Ice Cream 1x5.5ltr
26016 Bubblegum & Marshmallow Ice Cream 1x5.5ltr
75821 Honeycomb Ice Cream 1x5.5ltr
61786 Mint Choc Walls Ice Cream 1x5.5ltr
46741 Stawberry Choc Walls Ice Cream  1x5.5ltr
14085 Tri Choc Choc Walls Ice Cream  1x5.5ltr
71912 Vanilla Walls Ice C ream 1x5.5ltr
Christmas Extras  
57878 Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing 4x1kg


November - New Drinks Products

Chilled Drinks  
45836 Raspberry & Lemon Balm Kombucha 12x330ml
Soft Drinks Nrb  
25439 Bon Accord Cola 12x275ml
20697 Bon Accord Cream Soda 12x275ml
Miscellaneous Soft Drink  
67626 Barrs Bubble Gum Can [PM] 24x330ml
46544 Barrs Cherryaid Can [PM] 24x330ml
10936 Barrs Red Kola Can [PM] 24x330ml
PET Still Soft Drinks  
77432 Honest Kids Apple 4x6x200
58607 Honest Kids Berry Good 4x6x200
65082 Honest Kids Tropical 4x6x200
Spring Water Products  
83787 One Water Sparkling 12x75cl
16135 One Water Still 12x75cl
43873 Coca Cola Travel Cans 24x150ml
50170 Diet Coke Travel Cans 24x150ml
52328 Fentimans Pink Grapefruit 24x125ml
78284 Fentimans ValencianOrange 24x125ml
55452 Fentimans Yuzu Tonic 24x125ml
76025 Schweppes  Lemonade Travel Cans 24x150ml
18368 Schweppes Tonic Travel Cans 24x150ml
16734 Thomas Henry Slim Tonic 24x200ml
69222 Thomas Henry Tonic Water 24x200ml
Belgian Beer  
82111 Super 8 Blanche 24x330ml
17679 Super 8 Export 24x330ml
76650 Super 8 IPA 24x330ml
English Beer  
87822 AlphabetBoyfriendMaterial 24x330ml
48604 Mad Squirrel Hold YourCan 24x440ml
36448 Mad Squirrel Native Can 24x440ml
40401 Meantime London Lager 24x330ml
41647 Meantime London Pale Ale 24x330ml
German Beer  
69378 Ayinger Unfiltered Dunkel 20x500ml
89690 Fruh Kolsh Cans 20x500ml
79007 Gravensteiner Hell 8x500ml
22432 Gravensteiner Origin Cans 24x500ml
50053 Gravensteiner Original 8x500ml
39105 Veltins Alkoholfrei 0.0% 24x330ml
68649 Veltins Pils 330ml 12x330ml
12371 Veltins Pils Cans 24x500ml
Dutch Beer  
32803 La Trappe Dubbel 2018 6x75cl
Norwegian Beer  
53627 Nogne O God Jul 12x330ml
81805 Nogne O Hvit Jul 12x330ml
37637 Nogne O Julekveld Cans 12x330ml
Scottish Beer  
10849 71 Brew Aurora Burst Can 24x330ml
79640 71 Brew Breakfast Stout Can 24x330ml
61009 71 Brew Cloud Fall Can 24x330ml
49208 71 Brew Mandarina Sky Can 24x330ml
50342 71 Brew Passion Fruit Can 24x330ml
76646 71 Brew Two To Mango Can 24x330ml
45600 71 Brewing 71 IPL 24x330ml
15818 71 Brewing 71 IPL Cans 24x330ml
60655 71 Brewing High Water Can 24x330ml
54175 71B Heart of Blackness 24x330ml
46871 71x Brewdog 97 on Ratebeer 24x330ml
47280 Barneys Volcano IPA Cans 12x330ml
34253 MCB IPA 2 Pale Ale 12x330ml
40237 Overtone HBC 472 DH Stout 12x440ml
54362 Overtone New England DIPA 12x440ml
56607 Overtone V2 DDH Session 12x440ml
35373 Overtone V2 NEIPA Cans 12x440ml
81901 Overtone V2 W Coast IPA 12x440ml
67459 Stewart DPV7-DIPA Cans 12x440ml
65990 Williams Double Joker 12x330ml
Spanish Beer  
47156 Estrella Inedit 24x330ml
American Seasonal Beer  
16151 Anchor Christmas Ale 2018 24x355ml
European Seasonal Beer  
37894 Gulden Draak Gift Pack 2x330ml
71140 Hitachino Nest Gift Pack 3x350ml
69607 Kwaremont Blond Gift Pack 4x330ml
20079 Leffe Xmas 6x75cl
58378 Slaapmutske Kerst (Xmas) 24x330ml
80126 Stone Brewing Gift Pack 4x330ml
Ready Mixed Alcoholic Drinks   
61706 Dragon Soop Venom 8x500ml
Low Alchohol Beer & Lage  
16351 Reko Straw/Lime Low Alc 8x500ml
Swedish Cider  
74553 Rekorderlig Spiced Plum 15x500ml
Cider Kegs  
23015 Sharps Orchard Cider Keg 1x50lt
Real Ale Scottish Cask  
19105 71 Brew Mandarina Sky Cask 1x9Gall
15373 71B Aurora Burst Cask 1x9Gall
28522 71B Cloud Fall Cask 1x9Gall
41489 Breakfast Toast Cask 1x9Gall
UK Under Licence Kegs  
19917 Bombay Bicycle IPA 1x50lt
American Keg Beers  
57358 Anchor Christmas Ale 1x20lt
Scottish Keg Beers  
11453 71 Brewing IPL S/S Keg 1x50ltr
63511 71 Brewing Mandarina KKeg 1x30ltr
78718 71 Brewing Meridian SSKeg 1x30ltr
43331 71 Brewing PilsnerS/S Keg 1x50ltr
13210 71B Aurora Burst KeyKeg 1x30ltr
31921 71B Aurora Burst S/SKeg 1x30ltr
41832 71B High Water S/S Keg 1x30ltr
18744 71B Passion Killer KeyKeg 1x30ltr
71838 71B PassionKiller S/S Keg 1x30ltr
61272 71B Two to Mango KeyKeg 1x30ltr
16804 71B Two to Mango S/S Keg 1x30ltr
31920 71Breakfast Toast S/S Keg 1x30ltr
56343 71Brew Cloud Fall KeyKeg 1x30ltr
62361 71Brew Cloud Fall S/S Keg 1x30ltr
21030 71Brew High Water KeyKeg 1x30ltr
29567 Black Market Fruit 20LKeg 1x20ltr
55539 Black Market Fruit 30LKeg 1x30ltr
65015 Cold Town Pale Ale 1x30ltr
27962 Jaw Brew Fathom Keg 1x30ltr
27629 Mercha Klassiches Pilsner 1x30ltr
42941 Overtone HBC 472 Stout 1x30ltr
69744 Overtone New England DIPA 1x30ltr
72617 Overtone V2  DDH Session 1x30ltr
71016 Overtone V2  NEIPA Citra& 1x30ltr
45168 Overtone V2  West Coast 1x30ltr
35687 Upfront The Obvious Choice 1x20ltr
56941 Upfront The Obvious Choice 1x30ltr
49654 West G40 1x50lt
UK Keg Beers  
49443 Alphabet Small Packages 1x30ltr
78493 AlphabetBoyfriendMaterial 1x20ltr
75608 Curious/ BeavertounCollab 1x20Ltr
Keg Ales & Lagers  
82875 Caffreys Irish Ale Keg 1x50lt
18480 Rebel Red Red Ale Keg 1x30L
British Wines/Fruit Wine  
73582 Winter Warmer Mulled Wine 6x75cl
65333 Feraud Champagne Brut NV BOTTLE
French House Wines  
45205 Alsace Gewurztraminer 6x75cl
38600 Alsace Gewurztraminer BOTTLE
65102 Hecht & Bannier CdP Blanc BOTTLE
49679 Hecht & Bannier Rose BOTTLE
51906 Parlez-Vous Picpoul BOTTLE
81263 Picpoul De Pinet La Serre BOTTLE
Australian Wines  
56998 Captains Table Chard/Sem 6x75cl
28365 Captains Table Shiraz/Cab 6x75cl
72539 Joey Brown Soft Red BOTTLE
27805 Tempus Two Merlot BOTTLE
35610 Tempus Two Pinot Gris BOTTLE
33216 Tempus Two Silver Shiraz BOTTLE
American Wines  
22320 Out of America Zinf Rose BOTTLE
Italian Wines  
25736 CascinaBarberaDAstiVespa BOTTLE
51902 Giorgio Pinot Grigio Rose BOTTLE
36435 Passimento Rosso Pasqua BOTTLE
83637 R&J Passimento Blanco BOTTLE
57767 R&J Passimento Rosso BOTTLE
16656 Rossobastardo BOTTLE
65868 Volpi Gavi (DOCG) BOTTLE
Other Wines  
10777 Lolea No1 Red Sangria 6x75cl
51302 Lolea No1 White Sangria 6x75cl
Cocktail Mixes and Other  
86044 House Botanicals Rose Syrup 1x50cl
New Zealand Wines  
86660 Ngaru Sauvignon Blanc BOTTLE
Spanish Wines  
50339 Hacienda Chardonnay 6x75cl
71062 Hacienda Chardonnay BOTTLE
71524 Portia Ebeia 6x75cl
64220 Portia Ebeia BOTTLE
Sparkling Wine  
26310 Conte di Campiano Brut 6x75cl
46543 Frizzante 1754 20L Keg
31342 Nua Brut Sparkling BOTTLE
65782 Nua Prosecco BOTTLE
87055 Nua Rose Sparkling BOTTLE
87483 R&J Prosecco Brut DOC BOTTLE
South African Wine  
33124 Kleindal Cabernet Sauvignon  6x75cl
Absinthe & Pastis  
58596 Tarquins Cornish Pastis 1x70cl
55770 Lauvia Reserve Armagnac 1x70cl
44070 Mekhong 1x70cl
Brandy-Calvados & Apple  
63026 Chateau Breuil Reserve 8Y 1x70cl
Brandy - Cognac  
21388 Francois Voyer VSOP 1x70cl
Brandy - Other  
70301 Carlos 1 Imperial XO 1x70cl
Brandy - Pisco  
53478 El Gabernador Pisco 1x70cl
18705 Kappa Pisco 1x70cl
71473 Waqar Pisco 1x70cl
Gin - Dry/Aged Gin  
66099 Berry Bros & Rudd Dry Gin 1x70cl
65185 Brookies Gin 1x70cl
11264 Brookies Slow Gin 1x70cl
36943 Conker Dorset Dry Gin 1x70cl
34195 Edinburgh Valentines Gin 1x70cl
47989 Felons Gin 1x70cl
38899 Martin Miller's 9 Moons 1x35cl
12080 O'ndina Gin 1x70cl
66968 Skin Gin 1x70cl
89637 Tosolini Gin T 1x70cl
Gin - Old Tom & Sweet Gin  
69382 Porters Tropical Old Tom 1x70cl
Gin - Sloe & Fruit Gin  
39976 Bloom Lemon & Elderflower 1x70cl
21738 Eden Mill Candy Cane Gin 1x70cl
72036 Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin 1x70cl
18188 Pickering's Sloe Gin 1x70cl
Spirits - Other  
10154 Empirical Spirits Helena 1x70cl
88581 Empirical Spirits McGee 1x70cl
24842 Empirical Spirits Pony 1x70cl
Rum - Molasses  
31034 Captain Morgans Dark Rum 1x70cl
40800 Hampden Estate 60% 1x70cl
29354 Hampden Estate Rum 1x70cl
27444 Plantation Fiji 2009 1x70cl
Rum - Spiced/Flavoured  
53883 Cargo Cult Banana Rum 1x70cl
27623 Pineapple Grenade Rum 1x50cl
70596 Capucana Cachaca 1x70cl
45250 Corte Vetusto Ensamble 1x70
79065 Corte Vetusto Espadin 1x70
84996 Derrumbes Durango 1x70cl
32692 Ilegal Mezcal Joven 1x70cl
Vodka - Unflavoured  
59243 Crystal Head Aurora Vodka 1x70cl
12317 Smirnoff Blue Label Vodka 1x1l
Whisky/Whiskey - Bourbon  
53448 Balcones Baby Blue Corn 1x75cl
78741 Balcones Brimstone 1x75cl
39230 Hudson Baby Bourbon 70cl 1x70cl
72321 Hudson Manhattan Rye 70cl 1x70cl
Whisky/Whiskey - Irish  
45215 Jameson 18YO Irish Whiskey 1x70cl
60352 Kinahans 10YO Single Malt 1x70cl
29775 Liberties Oak Devil 1x70cl
47372 Glen Scotia Victoriana 1x70cl
71468 Kilkerran 12yo 1x70cl
10705 Springbank 9y LocalBarley 1x70cl
77356 Arran 21 Year Old 1x70cl
75511 Arran Robert Burns Mini 96x5cl
69065 Boutique-Y Whisky Octomore 1x50cl
85914 Bruichladdich Octomore9.3 1x70cl
29615 Bunnahabhain Palo Cortado 1x70cl
27827 Laphroaig 25yr Old 1x70cl
10712 Boutique-Y WhiskyBenriach 1x50cl
52745 Glen Grant 18YO 1x70cl
38610 Glenfiddich Winterstorm 1x70cl
Bitters & Tinctures  
72073 Bittermens Grapefruit 1x12cl
66895 Dandelion&Burdock Bitters 1x10cl
65763 Dr Adams Bokers Bitters 1x10cl
69764 Dr Adams Brazilian Bitter 1x10cl
72736 Dr Adams Orinoco Bitters 1x10cl
15749 Dr Adams Spanish Bitters 1x10cl
43241 Dr Adams Teapot Bitters 1x10cl
83591 Dr Adams Winter  Bitters 1x10cl
30430 Fee Bros Cranberry Bitter 1x15cl
71460 Belsazar Dry Vermouth 1x75cl
32921 Belsazar Red Vermouth 1x75cl
61709 Belsazar Rose Vermouth 1x75cl
60443 Belsazar White Vermouth 1x75cl
Liqueurs - Amaretto  
40472 Luxardo Amaretto 1x70cl
Liqueurs - Coffee  
53978 Black Fire Coffee Tequila 1x70cl
44833 Conker Cold Brew Coffee 1x70cl
88527 Quick Brown Fox Liqueur 1x50cl
 Liqueurs - Other  
83812 Herbsaint Bitters Liqueur 1x75cl