07 Nov 2018


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At Dunns, we are constantly striving to enhance and evolve our range and October was no different – we have added dozens of new additions to our product portfolio!

October - New Food Products

18178 Essential Cuisine Beef Bouillon    1x800g  
48898 Essential Cuisine Chicken Bouillon 1x800g  
34075 Essential Cuisine Fish Bouillon    1x800g  
73450 Essential Cuisine Vegetable Bouillon 1x800g  
59167 Essential Cuisine Halal Beef Stock          1x800g  
De Cecco Pasta            
59228 De Cecco Tagliatelle      8x500g  
UHT Milk & Cream Product  
55922 Alpro Almond Original     8x1lt   
47746 Alpro Almond UnSweetened  8x1lt   
10735 Alpro Coconut             8x1lt   
 Gravy Mixes               
67476 Essential Cuisine Peppercorn Sauce 1x800g  
80837 Essential Cuisine Wild Mushroom Sauce 1x800g  
10167 No1 Beef Gravy            1x1.5kg 
54958 No1 Chicken Gravy         1x1.5kg 
21268 No1 Savoury Gravy         1x1.5kg 
 Sauce Mixes               
78467 Essential Cuisine Bechamel Sauce Mix 1x1.5kg 
37272 Essential Cuisine Chicken Jus      1x1kg   
70386 Essential Cuisine Lamb Jus         1x1kg   
32656 Essential Cuisine Lobster Glace    1x600g  
46417 Essential Cuisine Red Wine Jus     1x1.2kg 
31861 Essential Cuisine Veal Jus         1x1kg   
10915 Vegan Mayo                1x1ltr  
Funnybones Ambient Range  
85365 Laila Golden Basmati Rice 1x10kg  
85233 Sweet Chilli Plantain Chips 1x1     
10541 Sweet Plantain Chips      1x1     
17755 Young Green Jackfruit     6x565g  
39932 Balsamic Cream            1x500ml 
63748 Gourmet Cider Vinegar     1x5ltr  
 Ice Cream Sundries        
53388 Comelle Vanilla           12x1ltr 
Dessert Lines             
14181 Essential Cuisine Creme Anglaise   1x1.02kg
25081 Haribo Tangfastics        12x140g 
30364 Strawberry Laces          1x24    
45646 Vidal Rainbow Belt Tub    1x200   
 Pancakes & Waffles        
60302 Baked Crumpets            9x8     
 Lamb Weston Potato        
14422 Lamb Weston Criss Cuts Gluten-Free  1x2.5Kg 
Chicken - Coated          
29886 Battered Chicken Steaks   24x85g  
Other Frozen Meat         
27642 Frozen Sal Fresca Toscana per kg  
Other Seafood Products    
46023 Extra Large Mussells      6x1kg   
 Ice Cream                 
57565 Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream 1x900g  
12410 CRG Black Cherry & Cream Roulade  1x1     
27345 CRG Carrot Cake Roulade   2x10ptn 
48521 CRG ChocChip Cookie Stack 1x16ptn 
81447 CRG Organge & Mascarpone Torte  1x14ptn 
37988 CRG Pecan Toffee Roulade  2x625g  
34050 CRG Rasp, Prosecco & Milk Choc Roulade  2x635g  
41257 Duo Junkyard Cheesecake   1x21ptn 
45691 Inv. Strawberry & Champagne Basket   1x12ptn 
49587 Inv. Trio Of Chocolate    1x12ptn 
57821 Raspberry, Prosecco & White Chocolate Roulade  1x21ptn 
Dairy Portions            
51968 Alpro Almond Professional 12x1ltr 
67140 Alpro Coconut Professional 12x1ltr 
48395 Alpro Soya Original       8x1lt   
38929 Alpro Soya Professional   12x1lt  
Weighted Meats            
76820 Porchetta                 per kg  
13734 Spianata Calabra Piccante per kg  


October - New Drinks Products

Chilled Drinks            
14180 Coffee Kombucha           12x330ml
59779 Ginger Pear Kombucha      12x330ml
27470 Original Oat Kombucha      12x330ml
52040 Peach Lavender Kombucha   12x330ml
28086 Watermelon Pear Kombucha  12x330ml
Own Label 750ml           
24651 Maine Raspberry           12x750ml
Factored B.I.B Products   
49459 Tango Orange Diet BIB     1x7lt   
Belgian Beer              
67747 Mongozo Banana Beer NRB   24x330ml
57513 Mongozo Coconut NRB       24x330ml
80409 Mongozo Mango NRB         24x330ml
English Beer              
78961 Mad Flying Squirrel Can   24x440ml
45514 Mad Squirrel De La Creme  24x440ml
40592 Mad Squirrel Hopfest Can  24x440ml
23654 Mad Squirrel Roadkill Can 24x440ml
32752 Mad Squirrel Sumo Can     24x440ml
19836 Orbit Belgium Peel        24x330ml
76589 Orbit Ivo                 24x330ml
40064 Orbit Nico                24x330ml
Far Eastern Beer          
27358 Hitachino Espresso Stout  24x355ml
59621 Hitachino Nest Ginger Ale 24x330ml
 German Beer               
76074 Schneider Tap X Mathila 15 6x75cl  
24745 Sunner Kolsch             20x500ml
Mexican Beer              
20288 Cucapa Chupacabaras Pale  24x355ml
24586 Cucapa Honey Amber Ale    24x355ml
34118 Cucapa Kolsh              24x355ml
35532 Cucapa Obscura American Ale 24x355ml
62008 Day Of The Dead Amber Ale 24x330ml
53559 Day Of The Dead Chocolate 24x330ml
86969 Day Of The Dead Hefeweizen 24x330ml
 Scottish Beer             
45600 71 Brewing 71 IPL         24x330ml
78353 Barneys Capital Porter    24x330ml
54932 Barneys Good OrdinaryPale 24x330ml
42395 Brew Cybernaut NEIPA 660m 12x660ml
60815 Brew Cybernaut NEIPA Cans 24x330ml
20054 BrewDog Lost Lager        12x330ml
34253 MCB IPA 2 Pale Ale        12x330ml
65077 St Andrews 80 Bob         8x500ml 
81454 St Andrews Fife Gold      12x330ml
40679 St Andrews India Pale Ale 12x330ml
44758 St Andrews Notorious BIPA 12x330ml
31509 St Andrews Oatmeal Stout  8x500ml 
67459 Stewart DPV7-DIPA Cans    12x440ml
59711 WEST GPA Cans             12x330ml
11499 WEST Wild WEST            12x330ml
39900 West Black                12x330ml
48857 West Dark                  12x330ml
81691 West Feierabend           12x330ml
75643 West G40                  12x330ml
65990 Williams Double Joker     12x330ml
Spanish Beer              
20094 Basqueland Aqua Pale Ale  24x330ml
35333 Basqueland Equinox        24x330ml
51585 Basqueland Imparable IPA  24x330ml
 Swedish Beer              
20309 Beerbliotek Hip Hop Cans  24x330ml
22587 Beerbliotek Momentclarity 24x330ml
38517 Beerbliotek WhoopAss Cans 24x330ml
44541 Beerbliotek Bobeck Citra Can 24x330ml
American Beer             
35632 Anchor San Franpsycho     24x335ml
65331 Stone Brewery Woot Stout  24x355ml
31713 Two Roads Roadsmarys Baby 24x355ml
Ready Mixed Alcoholic Drinks   
49345 VHF Blue                  24x275ml
Cider Kegs                
45627 Rekorderlig Apple Keg     1x30Ltr 
Real Ale Scottish Cask    
41489 Breakfast Toast Cask      1x9Gall 
UK Under Licence Kegs     
19917 Bombay Bicycle IPA        1x50lt  
German Keg Beers          
57753 Benediktiner              1x30ltr 
 Scottish Keg Beers        
11453 71 Brewing IPL S/S Keg    1x50ltr 
63511 71 Brewing MandarinaSSKeg 1x30ltr 
78718 71 Brewing Meridian SSKeg 1x30ltr 
79952 71 Brewing N.EHopfenweiss 1x30ltr 
29390 71 New England Hopfenweis 1x30ltr 
27629 Mercha Klassiches Pilsner 1x30ltr 
42941 Overtone HBC 472 Stout    1x30ltr 
22094 Overtone V1 N EnglandDIPA 1x30ltr 
72617 Overtone V2  DDH Session  1x30ltr 
71016 Overtone V2  NEIPA Citra& 1x30ltr 
45168 Overtone V2  West Coast   1x30ltr 
35687 Upfront The Obvious Choice 1x20ltr 
56941 Upfront The Obvious Choice 1x30ltr 
UK Keg Beers              
41111 Mad Flying Squirrel Keg   1x30ltr 
45638 Mad House 2.0             1x30ltr 
64197 Mad Squirrel De La Creme  1x30ltr 
76455 Mad Squirrel Hopfest Keg  1x30ltr 
30493 Mad Squirrel Roadkill Keg 1x30ltr 
26595 Mad Squirrel Sumo Keg     1x30ltr 
11778 Orbit Belgium Peel Keg    1x30ltr 
43726 Orbit Ivo  Keg            1x30ltr 
60559 Orbit Nico Keg            1x30ltr 
75728 Toxteth IPA (key Keg)      1x30ltr 
83007 Tzatziki Sour (Key Keg)    1x30ltr 
 Spanish Keg Beers         
48745 Estrella Damm Inedit Keg  1x20ltr 
61667 Sagres Keg                1x30ltr 
24775 Barao de Vilar 20yo Tawny 1x75cl  
64539 Barao de Vilar 30yo Tawny 1x75cl  
56575 Barao de Vilar 40yo Tawny 1x75cl  
British Wines/Fruit Wine  
51909 Maple Falls Mulled Wine   6x75cl  
French House Wines        
65102 Hecht & Bannier CdP Blanc BOTTLE  
69095 J. Souzy Macon Rouge      6x75cl  
28935 J. Souzy Macon Rouge      BOTTLE  
59490 J. Souzy Macon Villages   6x75cl  
75577 J. Souzy Macon Villages   BOTTLE  
35131 J. Souzy Pouilly Fuisse   6x75cl  
12399 J. Souzy Pouilly Fuisse   BOTTLE  
53691 Jules de Souzy Chablis    6x75cl  
60965 Jules de Souzy Chablis    BOTTLE  
72232 P-V Cabernet Franc Rose   6x75cl  
36954 Parlez-Vous Malbec        6x75cl  
68958 Parlez-Vous Picpoul       6x75cl  
51906 Parlez-Vous Picpoul       BOTTLE  
19396 Parlez-Vous Pinot Noir    6x75cl  
74468 Parlez-Vous Sauv Blanc    6x75cl  
12532 Parlez-Vous Viognier      6x75cl  
82278 Souzy Beaujolais Villages 6x75cl  
56565 Souzy Beaujolais Villages BOTTLE  
Chile Wines               
72784 Lomas Carrera Chardonnay  12x75cl 
Australian Wines          
16244 Joey Brown Rose           6x75cl  
44864 ROV Barossa Vale Shiraz   6x75cl  
77914 ROV Barossa Vale Shiraz   BOTTLE  
26067 ROV Signature Cab Sauv    6x75cl  
69228 ROV Signature Cab Sauv    Bottle  
42639 ROV Signature Chardonnay  6x75cl  
28407 ROV Signature Chardonnay  BOTTLE  
59856 ROV Signature GSM         6x75cl  
15290 ROV Signature GSM         BOTTLE  
51582 ROV Signature Riesling    6x75cl  
11193 ROV Signature Riesling    BOTTLE  
75046 ROV Signature Sauvignon   6x75cl  
37332 ROV Signature Sauvignon   BOTTLE  
27805 Tempus Two Merlot         BOTTLE  
35610 Tempus Two Pinot Gris     BOTTLE  
American Wines            
59179 Napa Cellar Chardonnay    6x75cl  
13233 Out of America Zinf Rose  6x75cl  
22320 Out of America Zinf Rose  BOTTLE  
10740 Red Orchid Merlot         6x75cl  
79287 White Orchid Sauvignon Blanc   6x75cl  
 Italian Wines             
50667 Arcano Pinto Grigio Rose  6x75cl  
51902 Giorgio Pinot Grigio Rose BOTTLE  
83637 R&J Passimento Blanco     BOTTLE  
57767 R&J Passimento Rosso      BOTTLE  
65868 Volpi Gavi (DOCG)         BOTTLE  
German Wines              
73393 Schmitt Sohne Gluhwein    6x1lt   
Cocktail Mixes and Other  
45197 Re'al Pumpkin Syrup       595G    
New Zealand Wines         
54981 Neptune Point Pinot Noir  6x75cl  
85080 Ngaru Sauvignon Blanc     6x75cl  
 Spanish Wines             
43799 Coto de Imaz Gran Reserve 6x75cl  
86340 El Coto de Imaz Reserva   6x75cl  
70542 Senorial Rioja Blanco     12x75cl 
72670 Senorial Rioja Reserva    12x75cl 
55298 Senorial Rioja Rosado     12x75cl 
26493 Senorial Rioja Tempranill 12x75cl 
20938 VDM Garnatxa Negro        6x75cl  
62737 Via Nova Godello          6x75cl  
22680 Via Nova Godello          BOTTLE  
25929 Via Nova Mencia Red       6x75cl  
18333 Via Nova Mencia Red       BOTTLE  
77473 Vin Lobera Rioja          6x75cl  
62172 Vin Lobera Rioja          BOTTLE  
Sparkling Wine            
78521 Gran Livenza Cava         6x75cl  
59028 Gran Livenza Cava Rose    6x75cl  
31342 Nua Brut Sparkling        BOTTLE  
65782 Nua Prosecco              BOTTLE  
77053 R&J Prosecco Brut DOC     6x75cl  
87483 R&J Prosecco Brut DOC     BOTTLE  
South African Wine        
22151 Allesverloren Barocca     6x75cl  
45421 Allesverloren Barocca     BOTTLE  
84009 Bon Courage Pinotage      6x75cl  
36413 Bon Courage Sauv Blanc    6x75cl  
40006 Chocolate Block           6x75cl  
23590 Nederburg W/M Chardonnay  6x75cl  
24578 Nederburg W/M Chardonnay  BOTTLE  
40409 Nederburg W/M Edelrood    6x75cl  
12256 Nederburg W/M Edelrood    BOTTLE  
44606 Nederburg W/M Pinotage    6x75cl  
88753 Nederburg W/M Pinotage    BOTTLE  
70634 Nederburg W/M Sauv Blanc  6x75cl  
12422 Nederburg W/M Sauv Blanc  BOTTLE  
38113 Penitino Merlot           6x75cl  
76600 Penitino Pinot Grigio     6x75cl  
15786 Pongracz Brut             6x75cl  
43047 Pongracz Brut             BOTTLE  
64889 Pongracz Rose             6x75cl  
48505 Pongracz Rose             BOTTLE  
38414 Zonnebloem Blanc de Blanc 6x75cl  
63665 Zonnebloem Blanc de Blanc BOTTLE  
29545 Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauv  6x75cl  
48558 Zonnebloem Cabernet Sauv  BOTTLE  
47420 Zonnebloem Laureat        6x75cl  
16498 Zonnebloem Laureat        BOTTLE  
30717 Zonnebloem ShirazViognier 6x75cl  
40864 Zonnebloem ShirazViognier BOTTLE  
Brandy - Armagnac           
55770 Lauvia Reserve Armagnac   1x70cl  
44070 Mekhong                   1x70cl  
Brandy - Calvados & Apple   
63026 Chateau Breuil Reserve 8Y 1x70cl  
Brandy - Cognac           
21388 Francois Voyer VSOP       1x70cl  
 Brandy - Grappa           
49542 Vecchia Romagna 10YO      1x70cl  
17625 Vecchia Romagna Nera      1x70cl  
Brandy - Pisco            
53478 El Gabernador Pisco       1x70cl  
18705 Kappa Pisco               1x70cl  
71473 Waqar Pisco               1x70cl  
 Gin - Dry/Aged Gin        
25462 Barentsz Gin              1x70cl  
16539 Blue Beetle Gin           1x70cl  
47989 Felons Gin                1x70cl  
18197 Kyro Koskue Gin           1x50cl  
51446 PortobelloRoadNavyStrengt 1x50cl  
66968 Skin Gin                  1x70cl  
 Gin - Sloe & Fruit Gin    
32147 Bathtub Mulled Cup        1x50cl  
39976 Bloom Lemon & Elderflower 1x70cl  
73234 Boutique-Y Gin Pineapple  1x50cl  
67664 Boutique-Y Moonshot Gin   1x50cl  
63795 BoutiqueY CobnutGhost Gin 1x50cl  
41324 Shetland Reel Rhubarb     1x50cl  
 Rum - Molasses            
64423 Jah 45 Silver Rum         1x70cl  
 Rum - Spiced/Flavoured    
53883 Cargo Cult Banana Rum     1x70cl  
43607 Papa Diablo Espadin       1x70cl  
77702 Papa Diablo Especial      1x70cl  
 Tequila - 100% Agave      
62928 Cenote Anejo Tequila      1x70cl  
Vodka - Unflavoured       
48550 Glens Vodka               1x70cl  
Whisky/Whiskey - Rye      
67753 NYD Ragtime Rye Whiskey   1x70cl  
 Whisky/Whiskey - Irish    
77593 Lambay Blended Whiskey    1x70cl  
44940 Lambay SingleMalt Whiskey 1x70cl  
29775 Liberties Oak Devil       1x70cl  
 Whisky-Scotch-Blend Malt  
71379 Raven Rare Whisky         1x70cl  
56459 Wolfburn Morven Whisky    1x70cl  
19275 Talisker 57 North         1x70cl  
58365 Talisker Skye             1x70cl  
53572 Benriach Curiositas 10yo  1x70cl  
66800 Glenfiddich Fire & Cane   1x70cl  
48338 Glenfiddich XX            1x70cl  
89664 XECO Amontillado Sherry   1x75cl  
62509 XECO Fino Sherry          1x75cl  
 Liqueurs - Coffee         
46836 Licor 43 Baristo (Coffee) 1x70cl  
 Liqueurs - Ginger         
68469 Pataka Ginger Liquer      1x50cl  
Liqueurs - Other          
80498 Dark Matter Choc Orange   1x50cl  
47836 Dark Matter Rhubarb       1x50cl  
58429 Dark Matter Spiced Mocha  1x50cl