02 Jul 2021

Since re-opening, due to the growth in sales and well publicised issues in the supply chain, our warehousing and distribution operation has been significantly challenged whilst all colleagues work as hard as possible to fulfil every order.

This is being exacerbated by the limitations of the various COVID restrictions and the time and complexity that these add to schedules.

We operate three shifts in our warehouse - a dayshift, a backshift and a nightshift and currently they are overrunning in to each other. Simply put we don't have the space for Dayshift to be left with drinks runs to pick and it impacts onwards to both Distribution and Goods In.

We need to ease the pressure and get orders in as early as possible to continue to fulfil orders efficiently.

Therefore, we advise that effective from Monday 12th July we will be bringing our order cut-off time for drinks orders forward by one hour.

This means that the new deadline for drinks orders will be 4pm.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support.