26 Sep 2018


Check out our new products and get in touch with your Territory Manager to discuss ordering.

At Dunns, we are constantly striving to enhance and evolve our range and September was no different – we have added dozens of new additions to our product portfolio!

September - New Food Products

73120 Knorr Ham Bouillon Cubes  1x60    
Tubbed Herbs & Spices     
40781 Pepper Paste (BiberSalcasi) 1x600g  
Cooking Oils & Fats       
35877 Fresh Basil Oil           1x500ml 
59675 Lemon Oil                 1x500ml 
 Funnybones Ambient Range  
18030 FB Rio Cajun Tomato Dip   1x2.2kg 
17755 Young Green Jackfruit     6x565g  
Jams / Spreads            
47140 Nutella 1.35KG            1x1.35kg
26340 Dip Dab                   1x50    
60231 Strawberry Candy Floss    1x12    
Baked Potatoes            
35247 Jacket Potato 10/12oz     1x30    
Funnybones Frozen Range   
30921 Rio BBQ Chicken Wings     10x1kg  
Vegetarian Options        
17076 B12 Burger                1x20    
Coated Cheese Products    
26288 Mac & Cheese Bites        1x3kg   
Frozen Rice               
68413 Tilda Long Grain Rice     36x200g 
29102 Mango Sorbet (2.5ltr)     1x2.5ltr
48185 Passion Fruit Sorbet (2.5ltr) 1x2.5ltr
71184 Raspberry Sorbet (2.5ltr) 1x2lt   
Individual Puddings       
73662 Banana Pudding w/Caramel  1x12ptn 
50843 Frozen Samples            Various 
Block Cheese              
70945 Vegetarian Parmesan Block per kg  
74490 Smoked Pancetta Lardons   1x1kg   
Dairy Portions            
36243 Alpro Oat Professionals   8x1ltr  

August - New Drinks Products

Own Label 1.5 Ltr         
68308 Curries Red Kola          6x2ltr  
57687 Curries Sugar-Free Red Kola   6x2ltr  
Soft Drinks Nrb           
49517 Bon Accord Salted Grapefruit 24x200ml
African Beer              
25136 Razu Beri Yuzu            12x330ml
English Beer              
52430 Castle Rock Session IPA Can 24x330ml
17378 Chapel Down Chapter 1     6x750ml 
38994 Chapel Down Chapter 2     6x750ml 
44726 Chapel Down Chapter 3 Can 24x330ml
37532 Curious Porter Can        24x330ml
32312 Wild Beer Evolver         18x330ml
14733 Wild Beer Madness Cans    24x330ml
81802 Wild Beer Yokai Cans      24x330ml
17502 Wild Beer Zintuki         18x330ml
German Beer               
39652 ABK Radler                24x330ml
51559 ABK Rose                  24x330ml
76074 SchneiderTap X Mathila 15 6x75cl  
Indian Cider              
45416 Peacock Cider Apple       12x500ml
29306 Peacock Cider Mango & Lime 12x500ml
Irish Beer                
27025 Chieftain IPA Keg         1x30lt  
Scottish Beer             
15656 71 Brew/FyneLouring Skies 1x20ltr 
46902 71 Brew/FyneLouring Skies 24x440ml
29952 Barneys Extra Pale        24x330ml
15178 Barneys Marshmallow Milk Stout  24x330ml
79171 Eyeball Hard 8 Oktoberfes 24x330ml
40531 First World Problems 500ml 12x500ml
83759 Jaw Brew Hardtack Can     12x330ml
17750 Stew First World Problems 12x330ml
78252 Stewart Brew Radical Road 12x330ml
50763 Stewart Brewing Ka Pai    12x330ml
42377 Stewart Brewing Franz Cans 12x330ml
49764 Stewart Radical Road 500m 12x500ml
American Beer             
55982 Stone Berlin IPA Cans     12x330ml
English Cider             
26761 Kingstone Press Apple     12x500ml
63458 Kingstone Press WildBerry 12x500ml
Cider Kegs                
46613 Aspall Draught Cyder 4.5% 1x50ltr 
78363 Carling Black Fruit Cider 1x50lt  
 American Keg Beers        
79567 Blue Moon Kegs            1x20lt  
37124 Shipyard Apa Keg          1x30ltr 
Czech Keg Beers           
71380 Pravha Lager Keg          1x50lt  
44702 Staropramen Lager Keg     1x50lt  
German Keg Beers          
48574 Krosteritzer              1x30ltr 
Scottish Keg Beers        
84181 Cold Town Pale Ale        1x50ltr 
39850 Maclachlans Best Ale      1x50lt  
19206 Overtone NEIPA Citra & Mosa 1x30ltr 
29045 Overtone Session 62       1x30ltr 
70913 Overtone West Coast       1x30ltr 
UK Keg Beers              
30783 Chapel Down Chapter 2     1x20Ltr 
66072 Chapel Down Chapter 3 Keg 1x30ltr 
49603 Curiosity Porter          1x30Ltr 
43130 Offshore Pilsner          1x30ltr 
 British Wines/Fruit Wine  
51909 Maple Falls Mulled Wine   6x75cl  
Italian Wines             
59824 P Soave Colori d'Italia   6x75cl  
German Wines              
73393 Schmitt Sohne Gluhwein    6x1lt   
Cocktail Mixes and Other  
22653 Funkin Bramble            6x1ltr  
69115 Funkin Passionfruit Martini    6x1ltr  
29503 Funkin Raspberry Mojito   6x1ltr  
58894 Funkin Sour Mix           6x1ltr  
Spanish Wines             
38750 Alborino Robalino         6x75cl  
Gin - Dry/Aged Gin        
27171 Elephant Strength Navy Gin 1x50cl  
80107 Ron de Jeremy Hedgehog Gin 1x70cl  
21881 Wildcat Dry Gin           1x70cl  
Gin - Sloe & Fruit Gin    
70814 Liverpool Lemongrass Gin  1x70cl  
57959 Whitley Neill Violet Gin  1x70cl  
13137 Zymurgorium Turkish Delight  1x50cl  
Rum - Molasses            
39047 Jah 45 Spiced Rum         1x70cl  
Rum - Spiced/Flavoured    
16034 Balla Black Spiced Rum   1x70cl  
39500 Ron De Jeremy Spiced      1x70cl  
30532 Koch Espadin San Baltazar 1x70cl  
65592 San Cosme Mezcal          1x70cl  
Tequila - 100% Agave      
38165 Cantinero Blanco Tequila  1x70cl  
66515 Cantinero Reposado Tequila 1x70cl  
26369 Casamigos Anejo           1x70cl  
Vodka - Unflavoured       
81216 Tom of Finland Vodka      1x50cl  
51688 Woodsman Blended Whisky   1x70cl  
44952 Springbank 12 yo           1x70cl  
19646 GlenDronach 18 YO Allardice 1x70cl  
89660 Port Charlotte 10 Year Old 1x70cl  
32521 Riga Black Balsam Currant 1x70cl  
50951 Riga Black Balsam Original 1x70cl  
67868 Mancino Rosso (Ambranto)  1x75cl