14 Dec 2021

The 12 Breweries of Christmas

Christmas is about spending time with loved ones, good food and great drinks! Thanks to our amazing range of quality Scottish brands, we can provide everything you need to make this festive season one to remember for everyone who comes to your venue.


Here are some of our favourite Scottish breweries with beers that will help fill your guests with festive cheer.




Brewgooder tastes good, and it does good too! That’s why it’s the perfect Scottish brewery to back this Christmas. Launched in 2016, the Brewgooder mission has been simple from the outset - to provide clean water through the power of craft beer, by donating 100% of profits to clean water charities.


That’s exactly what they’ve achieved, with every can being brewed on purpose, with purpose. They have a traditional lager, a session IPA and a tropical ale on their roster - meaning there’s something for all taste buds. With plenty of goodness behind them - they’re proving that pints can change the world.


Brew Toon


Why not try something different this Christmas? Like the bold flavours on offer from Brew Toon, a small brewery based in Peterhead - the most easterly point in Scotland. Brew Toon was born out of a passion for brewing and craftsmanship in general - that’s why they put so much emphasis on sourcing local ingredients and finding things from Scotland wherever possible.


Their beers pack a punch and are packed with flavour - definitely a taste of something different for the festive season.



Cromarty Brewing Co


We’re not saying that Cromarty Brewing are single-handedly bringing back Scottish cask ales - but they’re certainly playing a big part. Cromarty is a family-run multi award winning craft brewery based in the picturesque Cromarty Firth, producing innovative, handcrafted, small-batch beers.


With a mixture of classic session ales and a few surprise bottles, Cromarty is a must-add to your bar’s fridge this season.



Tempest Brewing Co


Tempest started when two friends travelled to New Zealand. They were annoyed they couldn’t find beer that tasted anything like what they were drinking on their holiday back home. So, they started brewing their own.


More than a decade later, they’re producing award-winning Scottish beer with classics and fruity one-offs in the roster. Recently, they’ve even signed up to 1% for the planet which means they donate to causes that help our environment. We love everything this Scottish brewery is up to, from their morals to their great beer.


Vault City Brewing


Do you have beer-loving customers who are always looking for something a little different - allow us to introduce you to Vault City. Scottish brewers Vault City Brewing is committed to making delicious fruit-forward Modern Sour Beers.


They stay clear of core ranges and instead prefer to trial new ingredients and create unique experiences every time they brew, so expect things to change up regularly. If you’re looking for a sip of something different, their beers are for you.




WEST has been producing German-grade beer in the East End of Glasgow since 2006. Their German founder fell in love with Scotland and began trying to brew beer in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot or German Purity Law of 1516. What does that mean? Well, it means there are no extras - just the core ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast. This allows the natural flavours to shine, creating delicious lager beers your customers will love.


Siren Craft Brew


Siren started brewing beers with the belief that there’s a beer for everyone – they might just not know it yet. Working with only the finest ingredients and specialists, the guys at Siren don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Their beers are varied and equally tasty. You don’t want to miss these off your next order.


Campervan Brewery


After a few pints - you can easily get thinking what it would be like to quit your 9-5 and start crafting beer in the back of a VW Camper van. That’s exactly what Paul, the owner of Campervan Brewery did.


This Edinburgh beer started in a campervan. Now, it’s brewed in their Leith brewery which they moved into in 2017. Using local ingredients and their classically bright and bold cans - their brews feel like Scotland if there was more sunshine. We think these cans are the perfect edition to your beer offering this year.




Overtone are a small brewery based in Glasgow that focus on producing juicy New England style IPAs and other hoppy craft beers. They work in small batches, ensuring their flavours and quality are unmatched. We couldn’t recommend them more. Get in touch to find out about adding Overtone into your venue.


Fyne Ales


Since 2001, Fyne Ales has been brewing to bring tourists, jobs and industry to Argyll. Drawing water from the hills and recipes from the history books - Fyne Ales can mix modern craft spirit with ancient brewing techniques with impressive results. With an offering including kegs, casks and bottles, their beers are a Fyne addition to any menu.


Fierce Beer


Aptly named, Fierce Beer don’t shy away from flavour. This Aberdeen-based brewery kicked off their story searching for a fun career beyond oil and gas for its two owners. Luckily, they chose brewing. Their core collection of dark, fruity and hoppy beers is something to write home about and showcase the best of Scottish brewing. For full-on flavour, speak to your rep about a Fierce addition to your next order. 



Fancy giving some of the best Scottish craft beers a go? Get in touch with your rep today to get your orders in before Christmas. Time is running out…