18 Jan 2023

Meat-free options are on the rise. But what are the top vegan and meat-free products you should consider when building the menu of the future? Read on to find out more about the benefits of including more meat and dairy-free options in your offering.


The tide is turning for meat-free menus


There has been a significant rise in the popularity of vegan and meat-free menu options in recent years. A variety of factors, including growing concerns about the environment, global supply chains, and changing diets are driving this trend.


Luckily, there is an ever-growing wealth of brilliant plant-based alternatives to meat, milk and cheese that are improving the options for those looking to reduce their meat and dairy intake.


What are the benefits of adding more vegan and meat-free options to your menu?


A key driver of the trend towards meatless options is the growing awareness of the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Cutting down on animal products in your restaurant could reduce your carbon footprint significantly, which can be a huge attraction for eco-conscious diners.


In addition, consumers who avoid key allergens like milk and eggs for dietary reasons will thank you for more choices. A recent Independent article said that people with allergies often feel ‘let down’ by restaurants when they eat out. And since Natasha’s Law came into action, eateries are feeling the pressure of upping their allergen-friendly offering.


Here at Dunns, we’ve noticed a huge uptake in our vegan and meatless products. So, what are people enjoying? Below is our list of top meat alternatives - and a few other products we’ve been enjoying recently.


Here are our top meat-free menu must-haves


1. Moving Mountains


Moving Mountains are on a mission to redefine plant-based meat alternatives, one bite at a time. They have a range of alternative beef, pork, chicken and fish products, but we love their burgers in particular.


Filled with flavour and packed with protein, you can try the Moving Mountains plant-based burger for yourself by adding a pack to your next Dunns order.


2. THIS!™


THIS!™ Are the funny kids on the block when it comes to refreshing plant-based meat. Gone are the days of dry lookalikes that look and taste nothing like meat. Companies like THIS!™ are changing the game.


They even report getting customer complaints because their meat-free products taste too much like meat. THIS could be the answer to your customer’s prayers, whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply curious.


3. Garden Gourmet


Another great option for meatless meat is Garden Gourmet, which prides itself on its range of meatless products that seamlessly integrate into recipes.


From burgers to chicken-style options, their range of tasty alternatives is a big hit with our customers. Looking to swap out some meat on your menu? Consider Garden Gourmet the next time you place an order with us.


4. Oggs


Plant-based eggs? Yes, really. Oggs have cracked the code. They use aquafaba (that’s the water from chickpeas) to create an amazing egg replacement. Oggs are the perfect base for omelettes, scrambles, baking and just about anything else you’d use traditional eggs for.


Oggs can even be used in traditional cocktails, which often require egg white for texture, without adding a gloopy texture. And Oggs could even help you remove a key allergen from your menu as well as improve your carbon footprint.


5. Seabloom Plant Based Tuna


Finally, we’re proud to supply Seabloom, who are trying to help people seafood differently.Their nutritious and tasty plant-based tuna alternative is packed full of protein and provides a great base for many dishes. Made using organic Scottish seaweed, Seabloom has amazing flavour, health and environmental credentials.


Interested? Add some to your next order via our website or app.


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