27 Feb 2023

With more than 150 years of experience in the industry, we've seen a lot of trends come and go. Each new year promises new trends. And plenty of trends have come back into style over the years.


In 2023, health, sustainability, low and no alcohol, and new global cuisines are just some trends to watch out for.


Slow living and seasonality


Slow living and local cuisine has never been more popular than it is now, with more and more people preferring to explore their local cuisines and connect to their roots through their food.


The keywords for this year's food trends are simplicity and time. Craftsmanship is the new luxury, so think cultured butter, fresh bread, cold-pressed olive oil and organic wine. Each of these products is seeing a rise thanks to consumers' love of quality and unique experiences, which starts with fresh and seasonal produce.


Luckily, this is something that almost every venue has some degree of control over. If you're looking to refine your offering and focus on what you can do best, get in touch with your Dunns rep today.


Health and sustainability


Was it "veganuary" or "dry January"? Or both?


One thing is for sure, drinking less and eating less meat isn't just for a New Year's health kick anymore.


Younger customers often opt for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle for health and sustainability reasons. With that, we're seeing dairy-free cheeses, yoghurts and milks, with nut, oat, and seed milks, gaining popularity on menus.


Many consumers now prefer the texture, taste, as well as the reduced calories, fat and carbs compared to animal milk products.

Dairy-free products are more than a quick trend and something to be conscious of when planning your offering this year and beyond.


2023 is all about gut


In 2020, many people experimented with fermenting due to the abundant health benefits of fermented foods. Plenty tried making their own kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, and of course, sourdough bread.


Today, more people are on the bandwagon due to our increasing understanding of the health benefits.


While many consumers don't have the patience to wait or make their own fermented food, they do care about their health and gut biome.


And they're getting even more adventurous, with ganjang, guajillo and miso rising up the ranks and onto our plates.


The year of rum and tequila


The gin-aissance has been the talk of the town for years, with the rise of gin distilleries, cocktails, and consumer-friendly RTDs. Following in its footsteps, rum and tequila are quickly becoming firm favourites with Cazcabel Honey tequila and Dead Man's Cherry rum being two spirits to watch.


Every classic was new at one point


Cold brew coffees and non-alcoholic spirits are becoming increasingly popular with consumers as they look for increasingly healthy options.


Meanwhile, restaurants and bars are also experimenting with more indulgent boozy options when spicing up old classics with a new twist, offering variety for everyone. For those who like their martini with just two ingredients or those who prefer theirs with a twist - a spiced glass rim for example.


If you are interested in getting on board with these trends, get in touch to discuss becoming a Dunns customer. You can also register to order online or use our app.