13 Mar 2020

In April, we are launching our innovative, trend-led Spring/Summer Country Range dessert range. Included are 3 premium cakes and 6 desserts.
We have looked at food trends and market insights from various sources such as MCA, thefoodpeople, and Mintel in order to develop these products. Not only are they insta-worthy, they also taste amazing too!

Premium Cakes (All handmade)

Premium Black Velvet Charcoal Cake 1x14ptn
A stunning black velvet cake featuring triple layers of chocolate sponge baked with charcoal powder and black cocoa powder and filled with pink raspberry buttercream. Handmade and gorgeously finished with a chocolate and charcoal buttercream and pink sugar sprinkles.

Premium Chocolate Cherry Ombre Cake 1x14ptn
A gorgeous ombré cake, handmade with layers of purple vanilla and chocolate sponge and filled with a tangy cherry sauce. Baked with a natural cherry flavouring, then lightly coated in a delicious buttercream and finished with Belgian chocolate curls and purple sponge crumbs.

Premium Irish Whiskey Cream Cake 1x14ptn
A luxurious coffee sponge cake, filled and topped  with Irish whiskey buttercream. Gorgeously handmade and finished with marbled chocolate shards and sparkling gold glitter.

Dreamy Desserts

Premium White Chocolate & Summer Punch Brûlée Tart 1x14ptn
A fruity crème brûlée tart made with summer punch-infused strawberry compote, cream, white chocolate and a mix of fruit pieces including peaches, raspberries and blackcurrants, deliciously finished with a caramelised sugar topping

Premium Individual Chocolate & Amaretto Semifreddo 1x12 Individual Portions

A light, freezer-to-table chocolate dessert made with Belgian chocolate and an Amaretto soft centre, beautifully decorated with malted chocolate balls and chocolate shavings.

Gluten Free Kir Royale Cheesecake 1x14ptn
An indulgent blackcurrant cheesecake rippled with a tangy blackcurrant compote on a crisp biscuit base, topped with a layer of prosecco cheesecake with chocolate coated popping candy and finished with a Crème de Cassis jelly.

Knickerbocker Glory Gateau 1x14ptn

A delicious peach and raspberry clotted cream mousse packed with cubes of light Madeira sponge and pockets of raspberry sauce on a delicately spiced ginger biscuit crumb base, decorated with a strawberry flavoured cream, white chocolate strands and a sprinkling of ginger crumb

Passionfruit Glazed Tart 1x14ptn

A baked passion fruit and crème patisserie on a crunchy biscuit base, finished with a tangy passion fruit glaze.

Vegan & Gluten Free Mango & Coconut Slice 1x24ptn
A lightly spiced ginger biscuit base topped with refreshing mango and coconut mousse, finished with a mango glaze and sprinkled with coconut flakes

That’s not all! Also launching in April to go along with these desserts will be:
Country Range Madagascan Vanilla Pods 1x24
Our premium grade Madagascan Bourbon vanilla pods are approximately 15 cm in length. They are plump, moist and sweet and have a slightly smoky aroma and taste, perfect for use in ice cream, custard and luxury desserts. 

Stay tuned for more information and let us know of your interest!