Axia Extra Dry Mastiha



Product description

Axia is a clear, refreshing, and extra-dry Mastiha – pronounced “Mas-teek-a” spirit distilled from the resin of the Mastiha tree found on the Greek Island of Chios. In a centuries-old, artisanal tradition, the sap is milked from the tree and left to dry in the wind. The crystals are then harvested, cleaned by hand, and shipped to the Plomari distillery. Here they are twice distilled in a process that combines the age-old art of the hand-crafted copper still with the cutting-edge science of the Master Distiller and her team.


Axia 40% ABV – On the nose there are aromas of pine, wet grass clippings, hints of caraway. A subtle floral note – rosewater. Rosemary/lavender. Some deeper notes of resin, dried bitter orange peels, cedar and dusty wood. On the mouth there is sweet notes of liquorice and pine at first, then notes of pepper and lemon zes with a hint of scented wood. A horseradish flavour begins to develop and you get a delicate taste of summer grass clippings A vegetal character finish with notes of cucumber.

Axia Extra Dry Mastiha
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