Health & Welfare

You care. We care! 

Food and nutrition are amongst the top factors family and friends consider when choosing a care home for loved ones.

We know though that Increasing demand and specialist dietary requirements make care home and welfare-based catering a difficult task - particularly when battling against public and media perceptions.

That’s why we are here, to simplify life.

As with many catering sectors, we understand that inspiration and innovation is key to menu development. From fresh ingredients to easy-to-use products that will reduce prep time and enhance your portion control, we are constantly updating our food range to support your business and the sector.

As members of the Country Range group for Scotland, we provide you with access to the established range of over 850 Country Range brand and branded products, each of which are developed exclusively for you as a professional caterer, offering quality products at exceptional value for money. 


We understand that you need to react quickly to the latest health and welfare trends and stay compliant with ever-changing recommendations. Whether your requirements are nutritional, clinical or cultural, our sales team are on hand to provide you with compliant products and advice to help you present a fully compliant, yet very profitable, offer.


Amongst the tools we can provide you with is K2N, a subscription-based online software that provides exceptional value for money and allows users to create/manage their recipes online.   Users are then able to print menu cards that automatically display allergen information.   Users can use product information already present on K2N or create their own ingredients quickly and easily.  For more information, please visit


We are experienced in offering a personal and bespoke service and can offer a real alternative to the major national suppliers.  Our business has grown thanks to close longstanding partnerships built on relationships and we have a passion to work closely with you as our customer.

Talk to us about how we can help you with other care requirements too, including:
- Packaging solutions to fit your needs 
- Gluten, vegan and dairy-free options
- Budget conscious recipe ideas that don’t compromise on taste or quality
- Larger scale menu development